The Evolution of Telemedicine: How it is Revolutionizing Healthcare

by Dr. Nick Zyrowski October 30, 2023

Telemedicine is revolutionizing healthcare. During the past three years, the chances are good that your doctor used this form of appointment with you when most people were in their homes, unable to physically see their providers. Once people realized how simple and effective this was, it completely changed the way many patients viewed the healthcare setting. We’ll discuss why this advanced approach is a game changer and how you can use it to take charge of your health today.

Standardized healthcare

If you’ve watched our videos or read any of our articles, you know we’ve mentioned that the current healthcare system is broken. Why is that? For one thing, doctors overbook their schedules, thereby making many patients wait longer than expected. If you’ve taken off work and had this happen, you know that by the time the nurse calls you back, your blood pressure is most likely higher than normal. (1)

Some physicians do this to mitigate the damage caused by patients who decide not to show up for appointments. But what about those patients who come on time and expect to be seen promptly?

Another issue with today’s healthcare is that pharmaceutical companies are vying for your doctor’s time to encourage the use of new drugs. The pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars off of you being unhealthy. In short, the system works by prescriptions these days. When you go to your doctor, many times you walk out with a prescription rather than an answer or a plan. Not only is it frustrating, it’s a complete waste of your time.

The telehealth trend

Before the last few years, making a video appointment with your doctor was something no one heard about. Then things changed, and we found new ways to help patients who needed appointments but couldn’t get into an office.

Technology has allowed for many new developments, and one of them is telemedicine. You probably already manage your health digitally in some ways. Consider your smartphone or smartwatch, for example. These help you monitor your steps, exercise, and heart rate during the day. Telemedicine is another layer to this method.

After the world began to get used to the idea of video conferencing for work and healthcare, it soon became more mainstream. (2) Patients started seeing how easy it was to talk to their doctors without missing hours of work at the time.

You can receive diagnoses when you have a virtual consultation. Some healthcare providers may want you to come in for a visit, but in many cases, this is unwarranted. If you need blood work, you can often visit the lab of your choice. When you have regular healthcare questions, these can often be addressed over the phone or via a telemedicine video call.

Functional healthcare today

In the past, it was more difficult to find a functional practitioner because you were limited to a geographical region. Today, with telemedicine sweeping the nation and the world, it’s much easier to see a doctor of your choosing. In a census sample, eight out of ten people reported using telemedicine at some point. (3)

If you’ve ever used telemedicine, you know how easy it can be to work with your doctor and then get on with your day. Together, you and your provider can design a protocol that works for you. With many traditional healthcare practitioners requiring their patients to come into the office again, it’s never been easier to find out what functional medicine can offer. (4)

Functional medicine works to get to the root cause of your underlying health issues, rather than cover them up with a pill or two. If you want lasting, transformative health change, functional healthcare is for you. Now with the ease of telemedicine, you can work with a professional to get detailed explanations that will help provide invaluable insights to get you healthy again. You won’t be rushed with no explanation about what to expect. With our Nuricore program, you’ll get detailed wellness advice specific to your nutritional needs.

The holistic difference

When it comes to holistic medicine, many people have been misled by the mainstream media to believe it’s all about taking a handful of vitamins each day. That is not at all what holistic healthcare entails.

When we recommend certain supplements, it’s because they are tailored to your nutritional needs at the time. You also need quality supplements that are personalized for you. We don’t simply give our patients a standardized list of vitamins and then send them on their way. You will get a science-backed approach that assesses your current state of health. Then a nutritionist will work with you to decide what you need to get you where you want to be. Also, functional healthcare is so much more than supplements. It’s about natural methods that are backed by tons of scientific research and practice to get you well naturally. Your body was designed to heal without the use of prescriptions and surgeries as first-line treatment options. (5)

With telemedicine now so readily available, you can get treatment that focuses on the root cause of disease, not the symptoms. If you only treat the symptoms, the problem never goes away, it’s simply covered up for a time.

Telemedicine now offers a patient-focused and highly personalized approach to healthcare. You’ll get more time with your doctor to discuss a treatment plan and an actual protocol to help fix what’s wrong. With a multi-disciplinary approach, your health condition will be targeted from a variety of angles. Some of these may be diet, exercise, detox protocols, and more natural methods. (6)

See for yourself

Now that telemedicine has become a popular way of getting healthcare treatment, you can try it easily to see what you think. The mainstream healthcare system doesn’t work for many people because the goal has changed from curing the problem to covering the symptoms. Unfortunately for the patient, that is frequently done with harmful pharmaceuticals that do nothing to get you better.

When you’re ready to take control of your health, we are here to help. We offer telemedicine services that will work for your unique lifestyle. Contact us today with any questions or concerns. Our staff has years of experience helping patients like you, and we are ready to get you on the road to wellness.

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Dr. Nick Zyrowski
Dr. Nick Zyrowski

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