Effective Strategies for Quick and Easy Stress Relief

by Dr. Nick Zyrowski November 27, 2023

If you love the holiday season, but find yourself also feeling a little stressed, you are not alone. This time of year seems to add even more stress than most people already endure. Combine that with how we live busy lives that are filled with work, kids, pets, and everything in between, and it can all add up quickly. (1)

Since stress is such a huge topic, we wanted to give you some effective strategies that you can begin implementing today to make a difference in your stress levels. You don’t have to feel like the Grinch this year! If stress has you feeling overwhelmed, we have some actionable steps you can take to feel better fast.

Connection is crucial

We live in an isolated world. That may seem odd to you at first glance because we have so many ways to be connected now. Take a look at all the social media apps on your phone. Are they truly making you feel more connected to your loved ones? If you aren’t careful, all the notifications will leave you feeling tired and sad by comparison.

When we feel more connected to others, our bodies will feel calmer. Stress begins to melt away when we are cared for by others. (2) Sometimes we make the mistake of being alone when we get stressed, but that’s when we need connection more. Social contact is a stress reliever so don’t discount the importance of coffee with a friend or dinner with family.

Get physical

Physical activity is a stress reliever. When you exercise, it ramps up those feel-good endorphins and the natural chemicals that make you feel at ease. (3) Add in some bonus points if you do this outside. Being in nature is magical in a way. It makes many people feel calmer to soak up some time in a natural setting.

You don’t have to be a CrossFit athlete. Do something that you enjoy and will stick with over time. Take a brisk walk or do some sprints. Work in your garden or ride your bike. Even cleaning your house gets you moving and feeling better.

Eat healthy

Food is medicine. We always mention that wellness is about natural health. Working out for hours in the gym won’t replace eating a diet filled with garbage. A diet loaded with unhealthy foods can make stress worse. You may feel good in the short term, but all those high-sugar, highly processed foods will lead to disaster eventually. These foods cause a spike in your blood sugar, and then you’ll hit the crash that makes stress and anxiety worse. (4)

Alternatively, a healthy diet will combat feelings of stress. Add items like eggs, avocado, and meats to your diet to feel better for the long haul.

Include supplements

The right supplements can enhance how you feel and how you cope with stress. L-theanine and magnesium are important for their anti-stress benefits. You also want to include vitamins B12 and B6 for energy because stress is worse when you’re tired. Our GAVA-Sero Active supplement combines natural ingredients that help anxiety and stress.

Write it down

Journaling is often overlooked, but it’s great for getting your thoughts down on paper and off your mind. Think of it as a tool that helps detail your thoughts and feelings. It’s like a conversation you have with yourself.

This doesn’t need to be fancy. A simple stream of consciousness each day, written down to see your goals and thoughts can be an incredible outlet. You can get an inexpensive notebook and jot a few lines down each day. (5)


When people discuss meditation, it’s sometimes thought of as a time-consuming activity that won’t make a difference. The truth is, you can meditate for five minutes a day and still get plenty of benefits. (6) Meditation is easy to learn and won’t require special equipment. All you need is a little time, and you can practice meditation. There are tons of videos on YouTube you can download for free to get started.

Remove unhealthy distractions

One of the easiest ways to lower stress is to remove the things that make it worse. Sometimes peace of mind comes from cutting out things like social media or too much caffeine. Stop watching the news every night if you know it makes your stress worse. We aren’t suggesting you shouldn’t be informed, but sometimes too much negativity can create a stressful environment.

We know that some people enjoy the occasional drink with friends, but consuming too much alcohol can also increase stress. Try limiting the amount you drink to experience more calm. You may be surprised at how much making a few changes improves your life.

Practice gratitude

Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the good in our lives when we feel that mountain of stress weighing on us. One way to feel less stress is to recognize what you’re thankful for and why you’re grateful for it. These don’t have to be monumental items. Simply making gratitude a habit can help you see the good in your life rather than the bad, which is immediately uplifting. It’s harder to feel stressed when you’re grateful. (7)

It can simply be arriving at work safely or being grateful for that morning cup of coffee. Start thinking about all the things you are grateful for and make a mental list each day.

Get more organized

Even the act of making your bed in the morning can relieve some stress. It starts your day in the right direction, and you have one thing accomplished before you even leave the house. (8) Also, clutter can be contributing to stress. When you see everything out of place, it can cause feelings of anxiety.

Start small and organize one area at a time. Maybe a countertop or desk needs to be de-cluttered. As you get organized, you’ll feel more in control of your life because everything has a place and looks neat.

Be creative

Learning to cope with stress is not a one-size-fits-all approach. What helps one person may not benefit everyone. It’s important to seek new ways to destress and find what works for you. If you need help learning how to remove stress from your life and incorporate some healthier practices, we are here to help.

Contact us today for more information on becoming a wellness warrior. True health only comes naturally, and we can show you how our holistic methods can help you decrease stress and create a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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Dr. Nick Zyrowski
Dr. Nick Zyrowski

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