Alimentum Labs Terra Superfood - Soil-based Terrain Health Prebiotic

Alimentum Labs Terra Superfood - Soil-based Terrain Health Prebiotic is the ideal complementary prebiotic, Terra Superfoods - Soil Based Organisms (SBO). This diverse vegetable and fruit complex provides the ideal nutrients and polysaccharides, along with the enzymes to unlock them, to support the healthy colonization of SBO's in the gut. This remarkable combination of superfoods and SBO's when used in prescribed rotation has many proven benefits for gastrointestinal health, microbiome diversity and immune response. 

Alimentum Labs Terra Superfood - Soil-based Terrain Health Prebiotic:

  • Prebiotic Fruit Blend - Provides important polyphenolic, bioflavonoids and fruit oligosaccharide feeding probiotics to create more diversity, and numerous health benefits throughout the intestinal tract. Every fruit was chosen specifically to nourish the microbiota. Particular care was taken to include those fruits which when found in nature already have a symbiotic relationship with SBO's. . This variety of fruits clinically aids in digestive issues, as well as promoting normal intestinal terrain optimization. Each serving provides 2100mg of the following: Acerola cherry (4:1 Ext), tumeric  pineapple, grape (juice), apricot, noni, red pitaya, mangosteen and green banana. 
  • Prebiotic Vegetable Blend -  Rich in phytonutrients this blend provides essential fibers, oligosaccharides, carotennoids, minerals, vitamins and plant diversity,. A conerstone to a diverse microbiota is a diverse plant-based diet. Like the fruits, these plants were collected specifically for their microbiological and intestinal benefits and their associations with natural endophytes. Further, this variety of vegetables supplies a wide range of antioxidants essential for maintaining a healthy intestinal system. The broad spectrum fibers and oligosaccharides support all probiotics. Although, we focused on the functionality of the Terra Byome's impact on our intestinal terrain. It's hard to grow a healthy garden of bugs unless the terrain is ready. Each serving provides the following: spirulina, carrot (Rt), wheat grass fiber, Broccoli, Beet  (Rt), Nopal cactus, tomato, brussel sprouts, cabbage (Lf), Kale (Lf), asparagus, curcubita, artichoke, cauliflower, black raddish (Rt), Bamboo (grass), turnip (Rt), and spinach (Lf) 
  • Prebiotic Enzyme Blend -  Enzymes assist the body in absorbing nutrients from foods. Special enzymes unlock the phytonutrients stored in pant cells. We lack the necessary enzymes to extract nutrients from plant tissues so we rely on our microbiome. If our microbiome is not sufficiently diverse or in dysbiosis, many benefits are lost. Therefore, by including the powerful enzymes to assist in the metabolism, the benefits are realized while also building the microbial diversity and overcoming dysbiosis. Terra Superfood contains 500mg of the folowing enzymes: cellulase (500CU), beta-glucanase, pectinase & phytase (200 HCU),bacterial amylase (1800 BAU) amylase (100 DU), alpha-galactosidase (2500 U), peptidase (25000 HUT), acid stable protease (50 SAPU) bacterial protease (50 SAPU) and lipase (1500 FIPU)
  • Prebiotic herbal Blend - Both herbs and mushrooms contain important medicinal components. These herbs have powerful medicinal properties and are rich in nutrients and powerful antioxidants. Recent research shows that they are not just important to our healthy but to the health of the microbiota. Each serving provides 1700 mg of the following: ginger (Rt), camu camu, terminalia (Ft), Matcha green tea, dandelion (Rt/4:1 Ext), sodium copper chlorophyll, enokitake mushroom, panax ginseng, milk thistle (Sd), astragulus (4:1 Ext), horseradish (

Alimentum Labs Terra Superfood - Soil-based Terrain Health Prebiotic Applications:

  • Normal intestinal microbial balance
  • Prebiotic immune system support
  • Intestinal terrain optimization
  • Healthy balance between microbes and the body


  • No gluten
  • No GMOs
  • No dairy
  • No sugar
  • cGMP Facility
  • Vegan

 Count: 270 grams/eco-bottle

Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop in 8-16 oz. of your choice of liquid, or as directed. Daily


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.