Systemic Formulas Skin Vyrome- Skin Postbiotic

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Systemic Formulas Skin Vyrome is a natural health approach that works to support the body's microbial balance of prebiotic and probiotics. Biophages have a well established presence in supporting a healthy microbiome through their innate ability to inhabit and replicate inside a specific bacterial species. Skin Vyrome is a safe and effective method of supporting a normal microbiome, while avoiding any damage associated with other methodologies. Skin Vyrome can be used in conjunction with the other MyByome Skin Products for improved results. 

Systemic Formulas Skin Vyrome Benefits:

  • Normal skin microbiota balance 
  • Support of skin microbiome species diversity 

How to use Skin Vyrome:

This formula really shines in the research in helping people who suffer from acne. In the research, these strains of probiotics worked best when put on the skin and worked into the skin using a cotton ball.

Systemic Formulas Skin Vyrome Ingredients:

  • Myoviridae- The family of long-tail Caudovirales bacteriophages. This component exclusively addresses certain prebiotic pathways for a normal intestinal microbiome. 
  • Pyroviridae- The family of short, non-contractile-tail Caudovirales bacteriophages that prey specifically on certain species of bacteria.
  • Siphoviridae- Siphoviridae is a bacteriophage. This component specifically engages its life cycle within certain species of bacteria rendering probiotic support for a health intestinal microbiome. 
  • Prebiotic Blend- Peptones that support the viability of the phages in the microbiome.
  • NaCl- Salt (Sodium Chloride). Supports the viability of the phages modeling their seawater aquatic environment. 
  • MgSo4- Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) supports the viability of the phages modeling their seawater aquatic environment. 
  • DiPotassium Phosphate- Salt (K2HPO) works to support phage viability by modeling a component of their seawater aquatic environment. 


  • No Gluten 
  • No GMO 
  • No Dairy 
  • No Sugar 
  • No Egg
  • Vegan 

Count: 1 oz glass bottle, with dropper. 

Recommended Usage: 1 dropper full, or as directed. 

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