Systemic Formulas - Zinca Stop

Systemic Formula Zinca Stop is for general relief at the first hint of a cold. Taken at the first sign of impending discomfort, this formula may assist the body in the relief of cold symptoms, sore throats, and allaying further issues.

You may have heard that zinc benefits include the ability to help people recovering from the common cold or other illnesses, but this mineral is also needed by those who aren’t sick and who don’t have compromised immune function.

As an essential mineral, zinc should be consumed in small amounts every day in order to maintain overall health and perform hundreds of important functions.

Zinc benefits the body in many ways - such as by helping with hormone production, proper growth and repair, improved immunity, and normal digestion.

It also has the ability to act as an anti-inflammatory agent, which means that it contains significant therapeutic benefits for several chronic diseases, such as cancer or heart disease.

Systemic Formulas Zinca Stop Indications:

  • Support the function of your immune system
  • Alleviate cold symptoms
  • Alleviate Sore Throat


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Recommended Usage: Children up to 12 years - 1 drop by mouth; over 12 years - 3-4 drops by mouth. Repeat every 4 hours until relief of symptoms, or as directed.

Packaging:1/2 FL OZ per bottle

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.