Systemic Formula Tai-Ra-Chi

Systemic Formula Tai-Ra-Chi is an immune support plus energy cellular support, derived from Brazilian Pau D’Arco. Using a catalytic process of distillation and extraction, TR contains the powerful nutrients found in the inner bark of the Pau D’Arco tree of the Brazilian rain forest. This specific formula aids with issues associated with temporary immune disturbances.

Systemic Formulas Rai-Ra-Chi Ingredients:

Pau D’Arco: contains a potent antioxidant known as quercetin and is also rich in naphthoquinones, which are plant-based compounds that have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects.

Rumex hymenosepalus (yellow dock): has been used  for skin diseases, skin inflammation (dermatitis), scurvy, obstructive jaundice, and psoriasis with constipation

Centaurea Cyanus (corn flower): used to treat fever, constipation, water retention, and chest congestion. Women can use for menstrual disorders and vaginal yeast infections.

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Packaging: 1 fl oz glass bottle

Recommended Usage: One drop in a cup of liquid three times per day, or as directed.