Systemic Formulas ARTA - Jointez

Systemic Formulas ARTA - Jointez provides natural botanical and biochemical support for healthy joints, comfort, and daily physical stress. Applies Native American traditional-medicinal botanicals with a robust circulation support blend to focus on the healthy calcium deposits and proper blood flow.

For thousands of years, foods and plants were used to support the body’s normal joint health processes and function. Ancient Egyptian records show the incidence of calcium deposits in the joints increasing with their shift to an agrarian, grain-based society; as well as the employment of herbs to help.

Systemic Formulas ARTA - Jointez Indications:

  • Support normal joint maintenance and activity functions
  • Support normal calcium metabolic activities for normal joint function

Systemic Formulas ARTA - Jointez Ingredients:

  • Riboflavin – Plays an important role in energy production, and oxidation processes to create ATP energy.
  • Niacin – A B-vitamin that supports circulation to the deep blood vessels like those surrounding the joints. Supports the blood to deliver nutrients to joints and remote areas that often have sluggish circulation.
  • Vitamin B6 – Numerous studies point to B6 as being a joint-supportive nutrient. Supports normal joint immune activities, especially interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor TNF-alpha.
  • Zinc – A trace mineral essential to the cells’ manufacture and utilization of the antioxidant enzyme: superoxide dismutase necessary for normal joint health.
  • Chapeu de Couro – Contains flavonoids such as Rutin that supports normal joint health processes. The Brazilian herbal tradition cites that it is supportive of normal joint maintenance activities.
  • Spearmint – Provides phenolic and flavonoid compounds, exhibits excellent antioxidant activity.
  • Burdock Seed – A traditional joint-health supportive herb with purification properties.
  • Yucca – A traditional Native American herb with modern research studies demonstrating it contains steroidal saponins and microbiome relation modulators.
  • Leptotaenia Oil – A Native American herb, the Black Wild Carrot, traditionally used for its ability to help with normal immune processes.
  • Pomegranate – Studies demonstrate that this fruit supports normal blood oxygen activity and supports overall antioxidant processes.
  • Chaparral – A Native American herb with a long history of supporting normal blood and body purification processes.


  • No gluten
  • No GMOs
  • No sugar
  • No egg

Count: 60 capsules/eco-bottle

Recommended Dosage: 1-4 capsules up to twice a day, for 1-4 months, or as directed.

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