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Systemic Formula BLDB - Tonic commonly referred to as “blood tonic” is a traditional support formula for blood chemistry and hemoglobin production support. By combining bovine tissue factors from the liver, kidney and spleen with purified hemablobin and herbalomic factors the formula creates the perfect base for nutrients consumed in the production of healthy blood chemistry.

The concept of strengthening the blood dates back thousands of years. As recently as the 1960’s, advertisers sold tonics for “tired blood.” The concept was that the hemoglobin’s need for iron to carry oxygen for energy; the bone marrow’s need for nutrients to manufacture erythrocytes; and the liver and spleen’s roles in purifying the blood can be bolstered nutritionally with fortifying vitamins, minerals, and proteins resulting in increased vitality.

A blood tonic. Provides the building blocks of vital, healthy blood. Supplies nutrients that support general blood integrity processes.

Systemic Formula BLDB - Tonic Indications:

  • Recovery from surgery and trauma support
  • Support innate recovery processes from blood loss incidents (accident, hemorrhage, metrorrhagia)
  • Vitality support post menses
  • General malaise, fatigue
  • Support normal vitality processes post fever/illness

Systemic Formula BLDB - Tonic Ingredients:

  • Yucca – An herb, rich in antioxidants that help protect cells from free radicals; rich in Vitamin C and Folate to support normal red blood cell production processes. Supports normal glucose metabolic processes and cellular ATP production.
  • Burdock – Contains powerful antioxidants, such as phenolic acids, quercetin and luteolin. Supports the normal purification processes of the liver and blood. Promotes normal circulation of blood.
  • L-Cysteine – An amino acid precursor of glutathione, important to the normal purification processes. Supports the body’s mucosa. Part of the glucose metabolism processes. Serves as an antioxidant in varied metabolic pathways.
  • L-Leucine – An amino acid important to muscle metabolism via normal glucose metabolic management processes. A needed nutrient for LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase) management, normal insulin activities, triglyceride utilization, and manufacture of ATP energy.
  • RNA/DNA Factors (Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Heme) – Supports normal heme and quality of red blood cells and the tissues that regulate blood quality – the liver, kidneys, and spleen. [Heme is a cofactor made of an iron (Fe²) ion contained in the middle of a porphyrin]. These core, cellular identity factors support the normal tissue integrity and function of key organ systems involved in the normal management of blood quality


  • No gluten
  • No gmo
  • No dairy
  • No sugar
  • No egg


  • Capsules: 60 capsules/eco-bottle.

Recommended Dosage: 

  • 1-2 capsules up to twice a day, for 1-2 months, or as directed.

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