Systemic Formula Bio Extract: EE Tibetan Essense Oil

Systemic Formula Bio Extract: EE Essense Oil is an essential oil formula most often used topically as an analgesic for muscles and joints, it also helps “set” chiropractic adjustments, allowing them to hold better and afford the body the opportunity to maintain the adjustment. Supports muscle comfort, and healthy skin color. EE provides a strong yin receptivity that is alkalizing and facilitates relaxation and repair.

Systemic Formula Bio Extract: EE Essense Oil Indications:

  • Bruises
  • Every day muscle aches, strains, sprains (topically)
  • Meditation oil (apply one drop to the area on the forehead, between the eyes
  • Tension in the head (apply to temporal region)
  • Halitosis (put one drop in water and swish in mouth)
  • Relief from itchy bug bites (topically)
  • Hoarseness (topically to throat)
  • Hold chiropractic adjustments (topically to adjusted vertebrae)
  • Overexertion pains (topically to affected area)
  • Uplift mood and dispel negative thoughts (topically to the mustache area for olfaction
  • Promote circulation to affected tissue (topically)
  • Charley horses/muscle spasms (topically to area)
  • Nausea (3 - 4 drops in water, drink)
  • Non-infective tooth ache (topically to finger, then touch it to the gum area of affected tooth)
  • Respiratory distress relief (topically to chest allowing inhalation of vapors)

Systemic Formula Bio Extract: EE Essense Oil Ingredients:

Spearmint Oil – Supports normal pain-relief processes and immune response. Cited as being beneficial for muscles; uplifting. Its stimulating scent if often found to be soothing to mental and physical overexertion, nerve stress, and gloomy mood.

Lanolin Oil – Easily absorbed by the skin into the epidermis to support normal moisture maintenance processes.

Camphor – For thousands of years, camphor has been cited as helping the body’s normal regulatory processes regarding spasms, cramping, congestions, pain-sensitivities, and insect bites. Promotes circulation.

Lilac Oil – Essential oil references cite this flowering plant as a supporter of the body’s natural functions.

Anise Oil – Historic uses of anise demonstrate its ability to support the body’s natural regulatory processes regarding digestion, mucous cell secretory activity, congestion, and relaxation.

Peppermint Oil – Research studies proffer that presence of calcium antagonism factors in peppermint helps the normal pain-resolution processes. A “cooling” herb, it historically is cited to help the normal immune system resolution activities and supports the injury-repair processes. Helps settle the stomach. Supports circulation. Refreshes the mind and spirit.

Cassia Oil – A form of cinnamon. Has a massive legacy of traditional uses that assists the body’s normal self-regulatory processes such as improving circulation and promoting circulation to the deep tissues.

Clove Oil – One of the great Biblical herbs. Supported by many research studies. Helps with normal oxygenation of the blood processes. Soothing to jangled nerves


  • No Gluten
  • No GMO
  • No Dairy
  • No Sugar
  • No Egg
  • Vegan

Packaging: ½ fl. oz. glass bottle.

Recommended Usage:

• External application:apply topically by the drop.

• Internal application:1-4 drops in a glass of water as needed.

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