Systemic Formulas Sl Sal-Vyrome

Systemic Formulas Sl Sal-Vyrome revolutionizes the approach to micro biome health. Our virome is an amazing part of our microbiome including prebiotic proteins and other microorganisms. SaI-Vyrome is a tool for health care practitioners that provides a novel functional prebiotic designed to support a healthy microbiota. A healthy microbiota is a crucial part of gastrointestinal and metabolic health. This MyByome product provides practitioners a safe and extremely effective method of supporting the microbiome naturally. Sal-Vyrome’s prebiotic blend of protein and nucleic acids can balance microbiota on our food as well as help maintain a normal and healthy gastrointestinal system.

Systemic Formulas Sl Sal-Vyrome Indications:

  • Intestinal normal microbiota balance
  • Digestive upsets from tainted food

Systemic Formulas Sl Sal-Vyrome Ingredients:

  • Myoviridae - The family of long-tail Caudovirales bacteriophages. This component specifically and exclusively addresses certain prebiotic pathways for a normal intestinal microbiome.
  • Siphoviridae – A bacteriophage. This component specifically and exclusively engages its life cycle within certain species of bacteria rendering probiotic support for a healthy intestinal microbiome.
  • Prebiotic Blend - Peptones that support the viability of the phages in the microbiome.
  • NaCl - Salt (Sodium Chloride)- Supports the viability of the phages modeling their seawater aquatic environment.
  • MgSo4 - Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)- Supports the viability of the phages modeling their seawater aquatic environment. • Dipotassium Phosphate - Salt (K2 HPO4 ). Supports phage viability by modeling a component of their seawater aquatic environment.

Packaging: 2 FL OZ

Recommended Usage: 1 dropper full, twice per day, or as directed. Note: Best administered by itself, away from other pathogen-disruptive formulas


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