SIBO Program

SIBO Program

comprehensive education program for reversing Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

The SIBO Educational Program is an online comprehensive education program for reversing Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth. This program is taught by Dr Zyrowski, who has helped thousands of clients correct their lifestyle and become the healthiest versions of themselves. It is a full educational program designed to make sure every client has the tools they need for success in reversing SIBO. The SIBO educational program includes:
  • 15 step by steptraining videos by Dr. Zyrowski
  • The complete SIBO Food Plan
  • 30 day meal plan plus SIBO Food Plan Recipe Cards
  • SIBO Shopping List
  • Education on which supplements to take and the correct dosage
  • Includes other tips for success

This program is designed to be paired with the SIBO Kit. We highly recommend that you add on the SIBO Kit to your SIBO Program purchase for optimal results at reversing SIBO.

New research shows that SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is responsible for up to 84% of gut issues! The majority of bacteria is supposed to be located in the colon. However, if too much bacteria grows in the small intestine, it can lead to many digestive symptoms and nutritional deficiencies.

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is a bacterial infection in the small intestines. Though having bacteria in the gut is normal, there are many ways disruption can occur. If there is too much bacteria in the wrong place, this can cause many problems. SIBO most commonly occurs when bacteria, which is supposed to stay in the large intestines, makes its way to the small intestines.

When we look at the small intestine microbial environment, it is important to use nutritional supplements to support intestinal nutrient demands and the intestinal environment.

During the program, it is very important to track your progress. This educational program includes a tracker so you can monitor your progress along the way.

The problem with SIBO is that your small intestine has an overgrowth of bacteria in it. This can come from food not moving along fast enough. When this occurs, it lets bacteria grow and stay around too long. When the “good” bacteria can’t keep up with digesting your food, the “bad” bacteria multiplies too fast. This causes an imbalance. That is when people start to exhibit SIBO symptoms. Unfortunately, SIBO symptoms often mirror symptoms of other issues. This makes it hard to distinguish what exactly is causing the symptoms. In order to reverse SIBO, you need to get your gut bacteria back in balance. This is possible by following the 7 step process as outlined in the SIBO Program.

1.) Decreasing Inflammation
It is recommended that clients with SIBO begin with a natural digestive cleanse in order to rid the cells of toxins that build up over time. This is important because that is what causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the body is often the cause of many diseases.

2.) Repairing the Gut Lining
The nutrients with the most impact on repairing the gut lining are include glutamin, licorice, arabinogalactan, and aloe leaf extract. When healing the gastro-intestinal tract, it takes more than enzymes and probiotics.

3.) Importance of Probiotics
Probiotics are important because they support the gastro-intestinal system. Probiotics are important because they help balance bacteria, decrease inflammation, calm immune response, and strengthen gut mucosa.

4.) Role of Digestive Enzymes
Digestive enzymes are very useful for gut conditions or distress. Unfortunately, people lack proper levels of digestive enzymes in their gut for many reasons. However, they are absolutely crucial. Digestive enzymes break down food into amino acids, fatty acids, cholesterol, and simple sugars. All of these help make DNA. In the case of small intestinal bacteria overgrowth they will support proper breakdown and digestions of food.

5.) Clearing the Gut
It is very important to remove the toxic buildup that has accumulated in the liver and intestines over time. The food that the average person is consuming is loaded with toxins that lead to an inflamed and unhealthy gut.

6.) Balancing Your pH
With small intestine bacteria overgrowth, it is very important to make sure you have a proper pH in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. One of the major contributors of SIBO is an alkaline pH that allows for improper function of the gastrointestinal system. Therefore it leads to an overgrowth in bacteria. You must create a more acidic environment that does not allow for bacterial overgrowth.

7.) Restore Nutrient Levels and Reverse Malnutrition
Good nutrition is a basis for wellness, and good nutrition usually translates into a stronger immune system and better health. An important aspect of good nutrition is micronutrition (vitamins and minerals). According to research by the USDA and other organizations, the American diet is lacking micronutrients.

In fact, nine out of 10 Americans are missing key micronutrients. Mass food production, storage techniques, poor food choices, and nutrient-depleting preparation methods may contribute to inadequacies. The bottom line is that children and adults are not consuming enough nutrient-rich foods to meet all their most basic vitamin and mineral needs. Furthermore, some scientists feel that the recommended intakes may not meet the requirements of all individuals, especially the chronically ill. Taking a multivitamin may be beneficial for these clients.

In order to balance your gut, it is necessary to follow the following course of action listed above. In SIBO Program, Dr. Zyrowski breaks down each of the 7 steps listed above in further detail and explains how to accomplish each. Dr. Zyrowski has naturally reversed SIBO in his own life as well as with many of his clients utilizing these same principles. You'll get all of that information, meal plans, recipes, and more in the SIBO Program.

This program is designed to be paired with the  SIBO Kit.

SIBO Program Layout
Getting Started on The SIBO Program
  • Introduction
  • What is SIBO
  • Tracking Your Progress
SIBO Training 101
  • The Problem, The Solution
  • Inflammation & The Gut Lining
  • Importance of Probiotics
  • The Role of Digestive Enzymes
  • Clearing the Gut
  • Balancing Your pH
  • Malnutrition and What to Do About It
  • Putting it all Together
SIBO Training 101 
  • What is the SIBO Diet?
  • 30 Day Meal Plan
  • SIBO Recipe Cards
  • SIBO Shopping List
    • SIBO and Apple Cider Vinegar
    • SIBO and Fasting
    • SIBO and Exercise
    • SIBO Progress Tracker
    • SIBO Supplement Tracker
    • Blog 
    • YouTube Health Videos
    • Facebook Community
    • SIBO Kit

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: How do I gain access to this program?

    A:  To login to the SIBO Program, please visit Your login will be your email, and your password will be emailed to you separately within 12 hours of purchasing the program.

    Q: For how long do I have access to this course?
    As long as the internet exists, you will have access! Once purchased, you will always have access to the course and its material.

    Q: What if I'm not pleased with the course?
    We work hard to ensure that each customer is satisfied. If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us within the first 30 days to receive a full refund!

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