Systemic Formulas SENG - Lymphogin

Systemic Formulas SENG - Lymphogin assists in balancing the lymphatic system so it can stimulate and promote the flow of lymphatic fluids throughout the body. It also provides added energy. Carnaigre is balanced with other nutrients to best utilize its ability to cleanse and stimulate the entire lymphatic system; it is also a glandular toner and decongestant.

Historically, in the Natural Health disciplines, the unique concepts of “Lymphatic Drainage” and “Lymphatic Support” are important topics as they support cellular nutrition, the immune system effectiveness, and the ever important process of waste removal. Recognizing the importance of lymphatic circulation, modalities such as lymphatic drainage massage and lymphatic electrostimulation became clinically important.

Systemic Formulas SENG - Lymphogin Indications:

  • Lymphatic circulation
  • Lymphatic “drainage” support
  • Normal purification process support
  • Endocrine system support adjunctive/enhancer
  • Support normal energy processes
  • Support normal “waterways” that bathe every cell
Systemic Formulas SENG - Lymphogin Ingredients: 
  • Canaigre – A Native American herb long associated as a well-being tonic and supportive of stamina. Rich in plant tannins, supports normal lymph circulation and clear thinking.
  • Yucca – A Native American blood and lymph tonic. Its high saponin content apparently does not enter the bloodstream, but acts only with the natural intestinal microbiota which then provide normal health supportive activities. An alkalizer.
  • Chaparral – A Native American herb containing powerful antioxidants and nutrients. Has a long history of supporting normal purification pathways for both blood and lymph.
  • Pasteurized Saccharomyces Cerevisiae – Provides plant-based, universal RNA/DNA for cellular rejuvenative processes and B-vitamins.

Count: 60 capsules Per Eco Bottle

Recommended Usage: 1-2 capsules up to twice a day for 1-2 months, or as directed. Then, take as needed for maintenance. 

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