Micronutrient Test

Micronutrients are a group of essential nutrients that that are vital for your body to function properly. Vitamins are necessary for a healthy immune function, energy production, blood clotting, repairing cellular damage and more. Minerals work to support bone health, growth and fluid balance. The Micronutrient Test will reflect areas of your health you may be deficient in by testing for extracellular micronutrients,  intracellular micronutrients, and areas you may need extra support in through diet or supplementation.


Micronutrients that are free floating in your blood and exist outside the cells, determined in serum are called extracellular micronutrients.

These extracellular micronutrients are a static measure of what is in your blood at any given time. These are dependent on your short-term intake of supplements or diet and give a direct assessment of your baseline micronutrient levels.

Extracellular nutrient tests reflect a person’s diet over a relatively narrow time frame.


Intracellular micronutrients are the micronutrients absorbed by your circulating white blood cells and red blood cells.

Cellular micronutrient absorption is an important step in maintaining and promoting optimal functioning of all our cells.

It is important to understand that, even though you may be consuming an adequate or healthy diet or supplements, your cellular intake levels of those nutrients may not be sufficient and may still provide risks for deficiencies and the disorders associated with them.

Your micronutrient absorption may be effected by aging, lifestyle, chronic illness, genetics, or medication. This test will take these factors in consideration to identify your cellular nutrient absorption status.

Here are the vitamins and minerals that will be tested for in the body:



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