Systemic Formulas Immuno Pre-Byome - Immune Support Prebiotic

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Systemic Formulas Immuno Pre-Byome is a revolutionary new prebiotic formulation that provides unique nutritional support to the microbiome related immune modulation. Our Gut Associated System (GALT) is intimately associated with our microbiome. The microbiome educates, protects, maintains homeostasis and provides unique immune modulation. A growing body of research identifies key roles probiotics and their important role in promoting a healthy robust immune system. One of the most powerful ways to modulating our microbiome is through unique oliogosaccharides and phyto-molecules like those found in Mybyome Immuno Pre-Byome.

This product is best when combined with the Immuno Byome Probiotics.

Systemic Formulas Immuno Pre-Byome Applications:

  • Normal intestinal microbial balance
  • Prebiotic immune system support
  • Intestinal terrain optimization
  • Healthy balance between microbes and the body

Systemic Formulas Immuno Pre-Byome Ingredients:

  • Galacto - Oligosaccharides (GOS)- Facilitates healthy intestinal microbiota; has been shown to improve calcium and magnesium absorption. 
  • Resistant Amylose Lipids- Resistant starch isn't fully absorbed in the small intestine. It makes its way to the large intestine, where intestinal bacteria ferment it to short chain fatty acids. These are then absorbed by the body, or used for energy.
  • Blueberry- Provides high levels of antioxidants, specifically anthocyanins that are made more available by our microbiota.
  • Dragon Fruit- Contains several antioxidants and oligosaccharides that assist in protecting cells from damage. 
  • Glucomannan Oligosaccharide- Has higher solubility as compared to Glucomannan, and therefore is utilized by our beneficial microbiome.
  • Baobab Polysaccharides- Has been used as a digestive aid for generations; aobab contains both soluble and insoluble fiber metabolized by our microbiota.
  • Indian Kino Tree- Research shows this to posses antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Arabinogalactan (Larch Ext)- Research has shown arabinogalactan to increase probiotic bacteria in gut, providing increased immune system support
  • Beta 1-3/1-6 Glucans- This Polysaccharide has been shown to assist in steady blood sugar, as well as man other benefits to the body in boosting its immune system
  • Poria Cocos Polyglycans- Hs been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to promote overall immune health.
  • Tinospora Alpha-Glucans- Provides overall support for immune health and gut/digestive health
  • Hesperidin Bioblavonoid- A bioflavanoid found primarily in citrus fruit, has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Certain species of organisms increase the bioavailability of these bioflavonoids. 
  • Resveratrol- An antioxidant found in red wine and certain foods, known to have many beneficial effects on the body.
  • Hesperetin Bioflavonoid- A powerful phytonutrient metabolized by a healthy microbiota improving efficacy. 

Count: 130 servings

Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop in 6-12 oz of your choice of liquid. Use daily or as directed. 

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