Great Lakes Organix Tallow Sugar Scrub

Great Lakes Organix Tallow Sugar Scrub

Whipped Tallow Sugar Scrub for Natural Exfoliation & Soft Skin

Upgrade your skin care routine with grass-fed tallow sugar scrub.  Great Lakes Organix Tallow Sugar Scrub smells like a candy cane and offers the perfect combination of exfoliation while leaving your skin silky smooth.

Made with 100% organic grass-fed/grass-finished tallow that is beautifully whipped with organic olive oil and organic cane sugar, then subtly scented with organic essential oil…that's it! Each small batch is hand crafted with love to produce the most natural, luxurious sugar scrub available. Get your whipped tallow sugar scrub today!

Ingredients: Organic Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Beef Tallow, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Olive Oil, Peppermint Oil, Beet Root Powder 

How to Use: Apply a generous amount to damp or dry skin. Buff in circular motions for even coverage and effective exfoliation. Rinse well. Finish with your favorite tallow lotion. 

Size: 4 oz.

Storage:Store in a cool, dry place for maximum longevity.

Only Nature's Best Ingredients

Our Grass-Fed Whipped Tallow Sugar Scrub consists of just five simple ingredients.

100% Organic Grass-Fed Beef and Grass-Finished Beef Tallow

Sourced exclusively from grass-fed and grass-finished beef raised ethically on small family farms in the fields of Kansas. Our commitment to purity is reflected in livestock that is entirely free from antibiotics, hormones, or exposure to pesticides.

Organic Olive Oil

Penetrates deep into the skin, providing a long-lasting shield of moisture. Rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants like oleic acid and squalene, and skin-loving vitamins (E, flavonoids, polyphenols), it leaves your skin smooth, supple, and protected.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Leave your skin refreshed with the power of peppermint.  Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation as you inhale the refreshing aroma of peppermint, promoting a positive influence on your mood and stress levels. At the heart of our peppermint oil lies a secret to radiant skin – its astringent properties aid in cleansing, effectively removing excess oil, dirt, and impurities. Elevate your skin care routine by embracing the holistic benefits of peppermint, fostering not just relaxation but also promoting a clearer, healthier complexion. We use only 100% pure (no fillers) USDA certified organic essential oils.

Organic Cane Sugar

Sugar granules are rounder and less abrasive than salt, making them a gentler exfoliant. A natural source of glycolic acid (an AHA), sugar breaks down layers of dead skin and smooths the skin's surface. It also speeds up rehydration, keeping skin conditioned and moisturized.

Beet Root Powder

With just a dash of beet root powder, we help create a subtle pink hue, reminiscent of candy canes.

Glass Jars

Our commitment to transparency extends to our packaging. The use of glass jars ensures you can see the purity within and be confident that your tallow is free of synthetic ingredients found in plastics.

Why Use Tallow?

The idea of using rendered beef fat on your skin might initially seem unconventional. However, experience the transformative power of our creamy whipped tallow lotion. Renowned for intensive, all-day moisturizing benefits, tallow penetrates deeply without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue. Enriched with vitamins A, D, E, K, and CLA's, it mirrors the skin's natural lipid composition, offering unparalleled moisturization and healing. Embrace the extraordinary with Great Lakes Organix Grass-Fed Tallow Sugar Scrub—a simple, all-natural skincare experience that redefines luxury.