Comprehensive DNA Analysis

Comprehensive DNA Analysis 

DNA Report & Consultation

Do you have 23andme DNA Test results and don't know what to do with them?

Do you have AncestryDNA Test results and are lost as to what this means for you?

We can help! Master your Nutrigenomics today with NuVision Health Center's Comprehensive DNA Analysis.

DNA testing is critical in helping you make informed decisions about your health. But a fancy DNA test doesn't do you any good if you don't understand what to do with those results. Get an inside look at what your health needs are and a “roadmap” into what is best and most critical for your body. Meet with a holistic doctor via a telewellness appointment for a full DNA report and consultation.   During this consultation, your doctor will illuminate your hidden genes and help you understand what your DNA strengths and weaknesses are so you can express health.


“Nutrigenomics - the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.”


A note from Dr. Nick Zyrowski, leading doctor at NuVIsion Health Center...

I remember when I was so excited to get my 23 & Me Test results back in the mail, only to be let down that the results didn’t tell me a single thing about my health. It told me fun facts about my DNA like what countries my origins are from, but it didn’t tell me what really mattered. It left me without answers on questions like:

  • What disease am I prone to getting?
  • What should my nutrition look like?
  • What kind of exercise should I be doing?

None of these questions were answered, so this is why I built my own genetic testing reporting system. We offer a state of the art testing solution with a one-on-one consult to explain to you how your genes pertain to your health.

In order to truly understand your health, you must understand your genes. It is the most cutting-edge scientific way to master your health today. The most important piece of the genetic puzzle are genetic variations known as a SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms). These SNP’s can play a huge role in our health. These SNP’s can have both positive effects on our body. For example, SNP’s in the MTHFR gene can cause anything from detox issues, to irritability, to even cancer, whereas SNP’s in the COMT gene can lead to boundless energy, enthusiasm and sleep issues.

Roughly ten million of SNP’s have been identified in the human genome. Some do not impact us greatly from day to day, while others transform our lives. Health issues that may have puzzled and plagued you for years will all the sudden make sense and become manageable once you understand your genome. This is because you can use targeted nutrition based on genomics to transform your mood, physiology, and prevent future affliction.


Included in the Comprehensive DNA Analysis: 

  • DNA Report explaining the results of your genetics testing
  • 45-60 minute consultation with Dr. Zyrowski explaining your DNA report and how this should impact your lifestyle and nutrition