90 Day Cellular Detox Program

90 Day Cellular Detox Program

A step-by-step educational program for achieving your best health through cellular detoxification

The 90 Day Cellular Detox Educational Program is a full educational program designed to help you maximize your results from the 90 Day Cellular Detox supplements through specific training on supplementation, protocols, proper diet, and lifestyle. The education program is taught by Dr Zyrowski, who has helped thousands of clients correct their lifestyle and become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Your online program comes with:

  • Thorough step-by-step videos on how to take the cellular detox supplements
  • Instructional guides through each of the True Cellular Detox phases
  • The 90 Day Cellular Detox Diet, Guidelines, and Shopping List
  • A Monthly Meal Plan with over 60 Anti-inflammatory Recipes
  • A 90 Day Detox Manual to educate on how to identify and remove toxic exposures in your life
  • Training videos on how to perform a Meta-Oxy test
  • So many more amazing bonuses and benefits to keep you on track and getting results!

The 90 Day Cellular Detox Program is an easy step-by-step course is self-paced guide on how to not only how to take the True Cellular Detox: 90 Day Detox Kitsupplements and cleanse the body of toxins, but also how to identify and avoid future affliction. The supplements are an important piece to the detox puzzle, but as a stand-alone, optimal results may be out of your reach. You must remove the source of toxins, follow the detox diet, and make the necessary lifestyle changes to amplify your results. In this self-paced guide, I show you exactly how to remove toxins from your body, diet and home. As an added bonus, you'll gain access to a private Facebook community with many like-minded individuals sharing their health journey and offering support.

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At no time in human history have we been more chemically threatened than we are now. It’s estimated that there have been over 80,000 chemicals brought to the market since World War II, and alarmingly, these same chemicals have not been tested in order to properly understand their effects on the human body.

Recently, a benchmark study was done to better understand toxins in newborns. The researchers found 287 toxins and chemicals in umbilical cord blood that goes directly to the fetus. Of the 287 toxins, over 180 are carcinogenic!

If we take on this toxic burden at birth, imagine how many toxins we bio-accumulate in a lifetime. When we start to break it down, this topic can become overwhelming. We have to start thinking about the pesticides and herbicides in our “healthy” food and drinking water. We have to read ingredients to determine whether our food is – or isn’t – genetically modified. As if that isn’t enough to make you uncomfortable, what about the toxic cleaners and household products that are poisoning families in their homes?

A study from 2016 concluded that 99.1% of Americans are exposed to scented cleaners at least once per week. Couple this statistic with the harmful effects on the respiratory system, mucosa, skin, and brain, and it is no mystery that many Americans are suffering from health issues.

I remember when I first took action; I had no idea where to begin. After all, if all of these toxins have found a home in our bodies, how do we get them out? There are countless different toxin cleanses, including (but not limited to) footbaths, liver cleanses and colon cleanses, but there is only one cleanse that I have seen succeed time and time again with my patients. It’s called cellular detoxification, and it works from the inside out. This cleansing strategy has proven so successful that I decided to create the 90 Day Cellular Detox Program.

This program is a 90 Day cellular cleansing journey designed for detoxing at the cellular level. This is important, because a majority of detox programs focus primarily on the liver, kidneys and other organs but not the actual cells coursing through the bloodstream. When the cellular detoxification process begins, the body can rid itself of malfunctioning parts of cells, such as damaged mitochondria, which when left untreated can lead to accelerated cellular damage, aging and other chronic diseases. This cleansing from the inside out will boost energy, well-being and quality of life more than you could have ever imagined.



That is why I have made this easy step-by-step course on how to detoxify your body at a cellular level. All the information is right at your fingertips and doesn’t require a $500 out of pocket consultation and/or a day off from work.

90 Day Cellular Detox Program Layout



  • Introduction
  • Why Detox?
  • 3 Components of a Successful Detox
  • Tracking Your Progress


  • What is Cellular Detox?
  • Overview of the 90 Day Cellular Detox Supplements
  • Zeolite: What It Is and How To Use It
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Inflammation Testing


  • What is the 90 Day Cellular Detox Diet?
  • 90 Day Cellular Detox - Dietary Guidelines
  • 90 Day Cellular Detox Recipe Cards
  • 90 Day Cellular Detox - Monthly Meal Plan
  • Shopping List


  • Top 10 Toxins: In Your Home
  • Top 10 Toxins: Under Your Nose
  • Identifying Environmental Chemicals
  • Molds
  • Smoking Tooth
  • Personal Care Products & Recommended Brands
  • Favorite Non-Toxic Cleaners


  • Blog
  • Youtube Health Videos
  • Private Access to Facebook Community



Q: How do I gain access to this program?
A:  To login to the 90 Day Cellular Detox Program, please visit  https://nuvisionexcel.com/healthy-living-programs/. Your login will be your email, and your password will be emailed to you separately within 12 hours of purchasing the program.

Q: For how long do I have access to this course?
As long as the internet exists, you will have access! Once purchased, you will always have access to the course and its material.

Q: What if I'm not pleased with the course?
We work hard to ensure that each customer is satisfied. If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us within the first 30 days to receive a full refund!


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