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Meta-Oxy Test
Meta-Oxy Test

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The Meta-Oxy test is one of the most important tests you can do for your health. Systemic Formula’s Meta-Oxy test measures how much cell membrane damage is occurring in your body. With trillions of cells in your body, this outer protective shell that holds the cell together is critical. It’s literally where all communication takes place. It is this membrane that is actually the “brain” of the cell.

Signals from our nervous system, endocrine system, and other cells in the body attach at this membrane and tell the cells what to do. Without a healthy functioning membrane, disease and sickness are sure to be not far off. The health of the cell membranes in your body are absolutely critical!

So what causes dysfunction of these membranes?
Free Radicals. Many people have heard of free radicals. It’s why we need to be taking antioxidants in the form of supplements, and choosing foods that are rich in them. Environmental chemicals in our food, water, and air cause free radicals. As do anything that gets on our skin such as household cleaning products, cosmetics, etc. The cells themselves even produce free radicals when they run their energy producing processes.

We live and die at this cellular membrane because when oxidized by free radicals, these life giving cell membranes are damaged and fail to perform properly. This results in:
  • Poor cell signaling of the immune system
  • Increased metabolic toxicity
  • Mitochondrial diseases
  • Reduced cellular energy (can’t produce ATP)
  • Damaged DNA
  • Poor tissue function
  • Unresponsive hormones (thyroxin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, leptin, etc)
  • Increase risk of abnormal cells
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular problems
This cellular damage is known as inflammation. And it is this inflammation that is called the “silent killer”, and is associated with heart and cardiovascular disease, cancer, and the other disorders listed above.

What is the Meta-Oxy test? How do I take the test?
It’s a simple at home test kit. First we take a urine sample. Then we pipette some of that urine into a small vial that has a reagent in it. This chemical reacts with the aldehydes (especially malondialdehyde) in the urine and produces anywhere from a clear to a red color in the small vial.

Every cell membrane in the body is made up of fat and cholesterol. The more cellular inflammation and damage that is occurring, the more fats are metabolized. Simply put…the more malondialdehyde in the urine, the greater amount of cell membrane damage.

Cellular Inflammation
Dark red is bad, and a faint or clear color is good. A dark red color means your cells are sick. Optimal is between 0-2 on the above chart. This is the level that suggests the body has available glutathione and other anti-oxidants necessary to protect the cells.

Scores of 3-7 indicate that oxidative damage to the cell membranes is occurring. A person with these numbers needs to increase their intake of organic fruit and vegetables along with anti-oxidant supplementation.

How accurate is the Meta-Oxy Test?
There is some subjective element (minimal) due to having to compare the test vial to the color chart, but other than that the test is 50 times more accurate than a blood test.

Count: 1 test kit.

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Fast and cheap method for inflammation testing September 26, 2018
Reviewer: Phil from Simpsonville , SC United States  
I was doing this test during an anti-inflammatory diet, because my symptoms didn’t really go away. The test did prove that I still had issues. The only thing why I do not give 5 stars is because of the color interpretation being a little tricky. But I was right with my interpretation since I also got the confirmation from nuvisionhealth when sending in a picture. I will buy another one in some weeks to retest.

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