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*Systemic Formulas MORS has been reformulated to Alimentum Labs MethylGenic.

MethylGenic by Alimentum Labs

Methylation & Telomeres Support

Many of the environmental stressors challenging humanity today deplete the body of available methyl donors. Coupled with poor nutritional intake and uptake of B vitamins, many people may have a deficiency of viable B vitamins for their body’s cellular requirements. Alimentum Labs MethylGenic is a methylation formula designed to restore the methylation pathways in the body. MethylGenic supports the inherent methylation processes by providing the converted forms of the B vitamins—B9 and B12—in a matrixof synergistic vitamins, minerals, and botanical activators. This helps ensure better folate nutrition, especially in those with genetic variations in folate metabolism.  

MethylGenic includes ingredients including 5-MTHF and Centella asiatica extract (Asiaticosides) for healthy MTHFR, SLC19a, PON1, TERT, and other gene expressions to support healthy methylation while restoring telomeres and reduce cellular aging.

Benefits of MethylGenic: 

  • Supports Methylation Pathways
  • Preserves Telomere Length
  • Slows the Cellular Aging Process
  • Manages Homocysteine Levels
  • Regulates Gene Expression
  • Healthy stress response
  • Relief for occasional stress-related fatigue


  • No Gluten
  • No Egg
  • No GMO
  • No Sugar
  • No Dairy

Count: 60 capsules

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules once to twice daily or as directed by your health care provider. 

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