I don't believe this! So, we NEED to TALK

by Dr. Nick Zyrowski March 05, 2024

The truth is dark… I don’t believe in lying to people, so we need to talk.

I have had many people comment on my last few blogs stating I am being “insensitive” or “smug”. The reason you think that is because you don’t know what I know, and even when I tell you, you refuse to listen and perceive it as me being unkind.

When I tell you that the sickness and disease you see everywhere you look isn’t because of bad genes or bad luck, I'm telling you this because it’s the truth. I know the average doctor will tell you to take your pills and go home because your health problem is out of your control, but that’s a lie. That mentality is the easy way out, but it’s not true.

Here is what I know that you don’t. Every day in my clinic we take people who were told they cannot fix their blood pressure, cholesterol, autoimmune disease, brain health issues, gut issues, blood sugar, thyroid problems, poor sleep quality etc…. and we fix them… and we do it naturally.

So when I make a statement about natural immunity, or overcoming a condition, it’s not because I’m trying to be smart with you, it’s because I know the truth and I know their is a better way.

Most of all… it’s because I care. I want to see you live the best life ever... have the best health ever… show up for the people you care about and not be burdened by poor health.

Can I tell you something about my personal health?… Almost anytime I tell someone I’m working on my health they are surprised. They think… your health is perfect… why would you do that… he’s just over the top.

To almost anyone… my health is perfect. I’m never sick, I exercise all the time, I eat healthy, I take vitamins… what else could there be?

Recently I performed a pathogen test on myself. Turns out I have a parasite… I didn’t believe it myself. I made the lab run it again… same result…. Well damn…

Someone may appear in good health, but have serious health struggles that are not visible or known just by looking at them.

I hear all the time… they were perfectly healthy but then they… developed cancer, had a heart attack, got co**d and died, had a stroke, got diabetes… list goes on.

Here is the truth… if that happened, the individual wasn’t healthy, something was wrong. They may appear healthy, they may feel healthy, but they were not. That is what nobody wants to hear, but the reality of the situation.

The reason I share my personal health finding is because it’s easy to think I am perfectly healthy, then out of nowhere I developed… chrons, ulcerative colitis, autoimmune disease, food sensitivities, depression, IBS…. *These are all issues that come from having an unknown parasite in my body long term.

In my clinic, we dig for the why, the root cause. We look for unconventional causes of health problems that traditional healthcare doesn’t even consider. I look for health markers traditional doctors will never look at. This is why you may think your healthy and magically got sick, I know differently.

I’m here to be honest and tell you the truth. Your health is not random chance. You are in control. Bad choices… good choices… you own it.

Dig deep, be honest with yourself, be willing to do the hard work and make the change that is needed. You deserve better health than what you currently have… and the people around you ( kids, significant other, family, coworkers) deserve to see more of you show up in life.

I’m not here to pick on you. I’m telling you this because the entire healthcare system today thrives on a lie… which is telling you your healthy when your not… then you do nothing because you unknowingly believe the lie… then they load you up on pills for the second half of your life.

I don’t want that for you, I do t want it for myself. It’s disgusting. The average American over the age of 55 takes five or more prescription drugs. It’s no way to live.

If the way I view healthcare isn’t for you, that’s ok... but for the people who want a better life, come with me through this process of forever working towards better health... not making excuses.... owning our choices... staying disciplined.... and ultimately thriving.

Stay Healthy! Dr. Z

Ps… I get asked all the time how you can do consults with me, get personalized vitamin kits, testing, etc.. you can find all that info here on my website. https://store.nuvisionhealthcenter.com/

Dr. Nick Zyrowski
Dr. Nick Zyrowski

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