I didn’t catch Covid... Covid caught me

by Dr. Nick Zyrowski February 28, 2024

I didn’t catch Covid... Covid caught me. It should have known better than to come after such a specimen. Honestly I feel bad for it. It had no chance…. I’m a beast.

Truth is.... you are too, you just haven’t unleashed it yet.

When everyone was running and hiding from Covid, I wasn't. If I came into contact with some who had it, I would have just asked them to lick my face so I could get it over with.

The fact is that you can’t run from this stuff, but you can take proactive measures to eviscerate the virus when it hits you.

I’m not talking about some pharma propaganda of synthetic immunity, I’m talking about boosting up with the core building blocks that are imperative for your immune system to work right in order to protect you from pathogens.

This is another unpopular fact... its ok to get sick... its how your immune system gets stronger.

You want stronger muscles? Put stress on them through exercise and they will grow. Want stronger bones? Put stress on them through lifting heavy things and they will become stronger. Want a stronger immune system? Put stress on it through getting sick and it becomes stronger. Avoid all bodily stressors... and you will become weak.

Here is my immune protocol:

* Sugar free diet... (sugar depresses the immune system)

* Exercise daily… ( boosts growth / healing hormones )

* Lots of sleep

* Vitamin A

* Vitamin D

* Quercetin


* Zinc

* Vitamin C

I take 2-4 capsules a day of these ( https://bit.ly/3mLnflB ) when sick. These are always in my medicine cabinet as a first line of prevention and defense.

Btw… I know people will get salty over this message... But here is the deal... If natural immunity isn’t for you, thats ok. The great news is that you get to make your own decisions for your health... then you get to live with those decisions, not me, not anyone else.

Im just trying to show you that there is a better way... and if you go this route, the good news is that these very same lifestyle practices and vitamins will protect you from diseases like cancer and diabetes.

I know what’s right for me and my family... and I want the best for you.

I have never missed a day of work in my career… I’ve never not shown up for my family because I’m sick. I’m not lucky… I put in MASSIVE effort to have good health and constantly invest into my health.

It is hard work, it is uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.

Give your immune system the proper building blocks to thrive and you will not regret it.

Stay Healthy! Dr. Z

Dr. Nick Zyrowski
Dr. Nick Zyrowski

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