True Cellular Detox: 90 Day Detox Kit

True Cellular Detox: 90 Day Detox Kit by Systemic Formulas


Cellular detoxification is a missing link in modern day healing techniques and was absent from the health and wellness industry until recently. Our world contains more chemicals, toxins, and stresses than ever before, and our bodies are struggling to keep up. Cellular toxicity and chronic inflammation are contributing factors, if not the cause, of many diseases. If you're looking to increase your cellular and systemic function, then you may want to look into a true cellular detox today!

What are the Benefits of a Cellular Detox?

Decreasing your body's cellular toxicity comes with a plethora of benefits, and is such a big deal that many people don't tend to pay attention to. A cellular detox helps to improve the body's natural ability to heal and produce energy. It also helps to prevent cellular inflammation and autoimmune disease, as explained prior. A cellular detox can be one of the best ways to promote health optimization in your life.

Three 20 Minute Consultations with Dr. Zyrowski

In these 20 minute sessions, you’ll get the opportunity to work with Dr. Zyrowski one-on-one to help prepare yourself for the detoxification process. You may choose to do the consultations either before or after each phase. Having customized support will help you maximize your results from the 90 day cellular detox.

When you get the full package delivered to you, give us a call and one of our staff members will assist you in scheduling the consultations.

Why Would You Need A Cellular Detox?

There are numerous factors that can contribute to toxins building up in our bodies. Some sources of toxicity include environmental factors, food and water toxins, exposure to heavy metals, and cellular damage. Other factors that cause cellular damage and would determine if you need a cellular detox include:

  • GMO toxicity
  • Mold exposure
  • Lyme disease
  • Free radical damage
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Weight loss resistance
  • Hormone dysregulation

GMO Toxicity

GMOs are genetically modified organisms that are oftentimes found in our food. The natural genetic material found in plant or animal products is altered in a laboratory that can change the nutritional content, cause an allergic response, and result in a toxicity buildup in our body. Due to the fact that many of our plant and animal products are now filled with GMOs causing health issues and disease, cellular detoxification is an important process to get our bodily health back on track. 

Mold Exposure

Mold growth can happen in our homes and be a root cause of toxin buildup in our bodies. Mold can grow in roofs, windows, pipes, and even the very walls of our homes. The effects of mold exposure can cause skin irritation, throat irritation, and other sicknesses that are directly related to toxin buildup at a cellular level. 

Free Radical Damage

When toxins are present in our body, it can cause increased production of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause damage to other molecules such as DNA, lipids, and protein. This can completely alter the health of our body and cause cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and inflammatory joint disease. 

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals can become present in our bodies in many different ways. They can occur from air or water pollution, foods, medicine, amalgam fillings (silver fillings), aluminum antiperspirant and certain vaccinations, or industrial exposure. Some of the different metals that are toxic to the body include lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, and cadmium. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include:

  • Abdominal pain 
  • Dehydration 
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Nervous system symptoms 

Symptoms of Toxic Overload

Toxicity can affect the body through different symptoms and diseases. Below are symptoms you could be experiencing that show you need a cellular detox. 

Symptoms include: 

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss plateau 
  • Depression
  • Decrease immune system function
  • Blood sugar irregularities
  • Headaches 
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Energy lapses
  • Skin rashes 
  • Brain fog 
  • Impaired digestion 

This 90 Day True Cellular Detox Program by Systemic Formulas is specifically designed to support the detoxification of organs, detox the cells, and remove toxins from your body and brain. The 3 True Cellular Detox Program phases were formulated to heal the trillions of cells in your body, decrease free radicals, and decrease chronic cellular inflammation.

The body has its own innate ability to remove toxins. When we become overburdened with toxins, a couple of things will happen. The onslaught of toxins in today's world may be happening faster than the body can remove them, requiring a true cellular detox.

When this occurs, both disease and unwanted symptoms will begin to present themselves.

The Three Phases of the True Cellular Detox Program

  1. Prep Phase: Strengthen downstream natural cellular detox pathways to support toxin removal.
  2. Body Phase: Removes toxins at the cellular level and sets up a concentration gradient to move toxins from deeper tissue stores (i.e. brain).
  3. Brain Phase: Clears deeper bio-accumulated neurotoxins that lead to most symptoms.
  4. Note: All three components and three phases should be implemented for lasting results.

During this 90 Day Detox, you'll experience a deep cellular cleanse, purging unwanted toxins from your body, a restoring of your cell membranes, and a decrease of inflammation.

True Cellular Detox: Prep Phase

The Systemic Formulas Prep Phase prepares the cellular purification and downstream purification pathways for safe and effective elimination by establishing methylation, nourishing cellular receptors, and reseeding the gut with high-potency probiotics. By supporting the kidneys, liver, GI tract, and cellular membranes, you are preparing your body and the primary detox pathways for safe and effective removal of toxins.

  • Assist in preparing the body and brain for cleansing.
  • Support optimal liver and kidney function.
  • Provides high-potency probiotics.
  • Supports cellular purification.

True Cellular Detox: Body Phase

Impurities move from higher concentration to lower, thus preparing the body is crucial before the purification of the brain. In the body phase, you will take methylation support to the next level, achieve liver enterohepatic circulation cycle cleansing, enter the first level of intracellular cleaning, and support the mitochondria for optimal cellular energy.

  • Assist in preparing the body for purification of the brain.
  • Assist healthy liver enterohepatic circulation cycle cleansing.
  • Supports normal methylation processes.
  • Supports normal mitochondria function for optimal cellular energy.

True Cellular Detox: Brain Phase

The ultimate goal is to nourish and cleanse the brain, and nerve tissue using fat-soluble “true binders”. The Systemic Formulas Brain Phase allows deep cleansing of the neurotoxins and binds impurities for safe elimination. While giving intracellular and neuronal antioxidant support, and multi-mineral support for optimal brain health.

  • Assist in purifying the brain.
  • Supports the safe elimination of impurities.
  • Supports normal brain function.
  • Provides intracellular and neuronal antioxidant support.

*Products can be purchased separately.

For $503 you'll receive all 90 days of the True Cellular Detoxification Products including:

  1. Prep Phase (30 days of supplementation)
  2. Body Phase  (30 days of supplementation)
  3. Brain Phase  (30 days of supplementation) 

Also include our 90 Day Cellular Detox Program

90 Day Cellular Detox Program

The detox supplements are an important piece to the detox puzzle, but as a stand-alone, optimal results may be out of your reach. You must remove the source of toxins, follow the detox diet, and make the necessary lifestyle changes to amplify your results. Get coaching from Dr. Zyrowski on how to use these TCD supplements in his 90 Day True Cellular Detox Program.

In this self-paced online e-course, Dr. Zyrowski shows you exactly how to remove toxins from your body, diet, and home. Your online program comes with:

  • Thorough step-by-step videos on how to take the cellular detox supplements
  • Instructional guides through each of the True Cellular Detox Program phases
  • The 90 Day True Cellular Detox Program Diet, Guidelines, and Shopping List
  • A Monthly Meal Plan with over 60 Anti-inflammatory Recipes
  • A 90 Day Detox Manual to educate on how to identify and remove toxic exposures in your life
  • Training videos on how to perform a Meta-Oxy test
  • Membership in our Private Facebook Community with Dr. Zyrowski.
  • So many more amazing bonuses and benefits to keep you on track and getting results!

To include the 90 Day Cellular Detox Program with your detox supplements, "Yes - include the digital program" in the drop down at the top.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I need more help during the detox?

--If you have a complicated health history, or would feel more comfortable working with a trained doctor on the True Cellular Detox supplements, we are here to help! Dr. Zyrowski has been trained by Systemic Formulas and has worked with hundreds of clients on detoxing at a cellular level.  Please email to schedule a consultation. 

Is this the same True Cellular Detox Program offered by Revelation Health (Dr. Daniel Pompa)?  

 -- Although we cannot speak for Revelation Health or its founder Dr. Daniel Pompa, the Prep Phase, Body Phase, and Brain Phase included in our 90 Day True Cellular Detox Program Kit is manufactured by Systemic Formulas and delivered to our clients without modifications. Dr. Pompa's program is expensive.

Is Cytodetox included in this True Cellular Detox Program?

-- We do not include Cytodetox with the 90 Day Cellular Detox Kit. If you would like to use zeolite in conjunction with your True Cellular Detox Program Kit and healing protocol, we suggest including vitality Detox Drops with the Body and Brain Phase.

Do I need to have all mercury fillings removed before doing this program? I have one tiny one remaining but am not sure when I will be able to have it removed.

-- Hi there! That's a great question. No, you do not have to have all of your mercury fillings removed. You'll still be able to detox and pull toxins (like heavy metals) from the tissues and cells in your body. It's ideal that, one day if permitting, you get the final filling removed so that you can limit future exposure to the mercury. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Hi there, How often should this system be done? It really helped with menopause and dementia.

--Hi! Thanks for the question. 1-2 per year is a great maintenance schedule. If you are noticing that it really helps the dementia, you could continue on with the Brain phase (as in after brain phase, just continue taking brain phase for another few months). It would be beneficial that way as well.


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