Systemic Formula Chinese 5 Elements: Water Sedate - Remove Dampness

Systemic Formula Chinese 5 Elements: Water Sedate - Remove Dampness works with the concept that the kidney works closely with the spleen regarding the transformation and transport of nutritive elements throughout the body, so this formula supports the kidneys, spleen and digestion. In ChineseMedicine it is said that this product warms the kidneys; restores yang; empowers and dries damp.

Systemic Formula Chinese 5 Elements: Water Sedate - Remove Dampness Indications: 

  • Wandering mind, lack of attention
  • Feelings of apathy
  • General Kidney support
  • Feelings of fearfullness: failure/success, responsibility, losing control, being alone
  • General support of normal fluid accumulation processes
  • General heart support
  • Urination and urinary bladder support

Systemic Formula Chinese 5 Elements: Water Sedate - Remove Dampness Ingredients:

•  Alisma Rhizome Ze Xie. Water Plantain. Supports the normal water processes throughout the body (e.g.accumulations, bladder activity).

Poria Fungus Fu Ling. Long use in Traditional ChineseMedicine as a daily tonic and for the body’s watersystem support. Key compounds include: triterpenoids,polysaccharide, ergosterol, caprylic acid, undecanoic acid, lauric acid, dodecenoic acid, palmitic acid, dodecanoate, and caprylate.

Buchu Leaves Agathosma betulina. Contains diosphenol, mucilages, diosmin, and pugelone. Supports the “water system” and urinary functions and tissues.

Astragalus Adaptogen; helps support the normal effects of stress. Supports normal kidney and immunefunctions.

Mulberry (Bark) Sang Bai Pi. Supports downwardexcretion of fluids, e.g. removal of waste products by the kidneys and bladder.

Cleavers Galium aparine. Long revered by herbalists as a lymphatic and urinary system supporter. An excellentdrainage support herb.

Ginger Popularly used for digestive issues, ginger isactually a wonderful kidney tonic providing direct support to normal kidney functions, including repair from everydaywear and tears

Atractylodes Rhizome Shen Nong. Contains valuable oils including alpha and beta humulene, curcumenes, as well as immune-active polysaccharides and amino acids.Supports fluid metabolic processes; prevents excessivedampness.

• Pinellia Rhizome Ban Xia. Traditional Chinese Medicine employs Pinellia to “dry dampness” when the spleen struggles to “transform phlegm.” Often a component ofpatent kidney supportive formulas

• Pleurisy Root Asclepias tuberosa. An edible, Native Americanherb containing resinoids, glycosides, and alkaloids.

• Uva Ursi Arctostaphylos uva-ursi. Bearberry leaves. A NativeAmerican traditional herb often used in smoking mixtures. Historical uses were to support normal kidney and urinary bladder functions.Contains a compound called arbutin, a glycosylated hydroquinone,which supports the normal cellular water balance, and kidney health.


  • No Gluten
  • No GMO
  • No Sugar 
  • No Dairy
  • No Soy

Count:60 Capsules per bottle
Recommended Dosage:1-3 Capsules, up to twice a day, or as directed 

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