Systemic Formulas Ps - Pancreas S

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Systemic Formulas Ps- Pancreas S features broad spectrum pancreatic support via rainforest herbs and tissue integrity factors targeting the endocrine functions
involved in normal, healthy blood sugar processes for blood glucose already in the normal range.

Systemic Formulas Ps- Pancreas 

  • Blood sugar balance support 
  • General pancreas support 
  • Insulin hormone support 
  • Glucagon hormone support 

Ps-Pancreas Ingredients:

  • Pata de Vaca 
  • pedra Hume Caa
  • Pancreatin 
  • Pau d'Arco 
  • Pancrease RNA/DNA Factors 
  • Rose Hips 


  • No Gluten 
  • No GMO 
  • No Sugar 
  • No Egg 

RECOMMENDED USAGE: 1-3 capsules, 3 times a day, for 1-4 months, or as directed 

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