Extracellular Ketones

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Exogenous Ketones are powerful regulators of longevity and directly support both brain and muscle metabolic activities. Systemic Formulas Extracellular Ketones provide stabile ketones, easily processed in the body into free β-hydroxybutyrate (βOHB) and the free elemental calcium, magnesium and sodium salts which are so beneficial to cellular function. For people adapting to and maintaining the ketogenic diet, supplementing with Extracellular Ketones by Systemic Formulas can help gain and maintain smooth ketogenic benefits. Exogenous ketones will help you get into the state of ketosis faster, while the electrolytes included in the Extracellular Ketones will help you maintain proper electrolytes through this low-carb diet. Apple Cider Vinegar is also featured in this product to promote weight loss and aid in the digestive process.

Exogenous ketones are now considered nutrients for everyone's health, not just applicable to ketogenic diets, but applicable to weight loss programs, energy, and optimal cell performance. Science reports that ketones are a superior form of cellular energy and support the conversion and/or maintenance of fat-burning cellular metabolic activities.


    • Supports healthy weight
    • Promotes ketosis
    • Minimizes keto flu symptoms
    • Nutritional support for cellular energy
    • Boosts brain functions and mental clariy
    • Supports mitochondrial energy and signaling
    • Supports fat burning
    • Aids in athletic performance and stamina
    • Cellular longevity


    Bypasses digestives processes and helps elevate circulating ketone bodies. Enhances the body's normal, liver-produced ketones and helps facilitate fat-burning metabolisms in lieu of sugar-burning mitochondrial processes. Provides the body with ionic calcium so important to cellular metabolism and bone support.

    Rapidly supports ketone availability in the bloodstream. Provides valuable, ionic magnesium required by mitochondria, muscles, and the brain for more optimal function. Helps initiate and maintain intracellular fat-burning activities.

    Provides ketones throughout the body for cellular utilization. Provides ionic sodium needed for the cellular sodium-potassium pump and the myriad cellular metabolic processes that require free sodium for proper function.

    Provides ketones plus the balancing factor of ionic potassium. Exogenous ketone supplementation provides rapid and sustained elevation of βHB, reduction of glucose, and ketosis-maintaining nutrients.

    Famous for supporting weight loss, it facilitates fat burning and provides valuable potassium required for the cell membrane's sodium potassium pump. Supports digestive processes by supplying raw materials for parietal cell production of hydrochloric acid.

    Supports optimal availability of the amino acid, Taurine, where it supports the body's normal heart, cognitive, vision, immune, central nervous system and hearing activities. It's a necessary amino acid for ketosis and supports ketogenesis precursors as opposed to gluconeogenesis precursors - thus tips cell function toward fat burning and utilization of ketones for energy.

    SERVINGS: 15 servings

    Recommended Usage: Mix 1 scoop in 6-12 ounces of your favorite liquid, or as directed.



    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.