B16 - Vitamin B Stress Complex

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16B or B16 Systemic Formulas supplement is one of the best stress B complex vitamins on the market today. Most B vitamins have just few different B vitamins in them but certainly do not contain a brand spectrum array of B vitamins like the Systemic Formulas B16 does.

This B16 supplement is one of the most powerful stress busters I have come across. There is reason to believe that in order to raise B nutrient levels in the body it is very powerful to supplement with all B vitamins as they will work synergistically to increase all B vitamins within the body. This ultimately will deliver the results you are looking for and offer you the most relief.

Systemics B16 is a high potency, massively comprehensive formula. B16 is an allergen-free, yeast-free B vitamin complex containing vitalizing herbs designed to provide a matrix for natural assimilation by the body and utilization at the cellular level. This is truly an incredible B stress supplement. Dr. Shayne Morris developed this herbalomic formula to apply the latest research about cellular metabolic processes and how B-vitamins work best in concert with each other, and included a carefully selected synergistic herbal matrix to support cellular epigenetic processes. Intended for daily use, B stress vitamins have come to the forefront of the body’s ability to adapt to the normal daily stresses of life in the 21st Century. This B16 supplement by Systemic Formulas supplies an abundance of synergistically balanced B stress complex nutrients.

The comprehensive spectrum of nutrients in this product make it the best B stress vitamins that one can take if they are wanting to achieve results in calming the body from the every day stresses of life.

COUNT: 60 capsules 



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