Vitamin B12 Test Kit/At Home Test


Vitamin B12 is rich in many animal products so Vegans and Vegetarians are at risk of having low B12 in their body unless they take a supplement. But most people are not vegetarian and eat enough B12 food sources to meet their needs. However, not everyone is able to absorb B12.

Vitamin B12 is a crucial nutrient responsible for many functions. Optimal B12 levels have been linked to benefits for


What Does the B12 test Measure?

This B12 status test measures the ratio of methylmalonic acid (uMMA) to creatinine (cr) in urine. uMMA is a functional marker of B12 tissue status because B12 is required for MMA to be converted to a different molecule, succinyl-CoA. When there isn’t enough B12 available, MMA levels in blood increase and spill over into urine. uMMA is a similar marker to homocysteine; both increase when B vitamins are low and are related to symptoms of B12 insufficiency, like poor neurological health. uMMA in the urine is a stable, sensitive and specific marker of B12 function. Using the ratio, uMMA/cr, accounts for any urine dilution or kidney function issues. As a part of a healthy lifestyle, a uMMA/cr ratio less than 2.0 mmol/mol cr may be optimal to support brain, nerve, cellular and maternal health. A uMMA/cr ratio above 3.6 mmol/mol may indicate excessive uMMA i.e. very low functional B12 status, and we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider for further care. Most people can achieve and maintain a desirable uMMA/cr ratio through lifestyle habits like diet and supplementation.