Sports Performance Kit

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Sports Performance Kit: Pre- and Post-Workout Products for Increased Fitness
The Sports Performance Kit is designed to increase your energy, balance electrolytes, boost antioxidants and vitamin intake, speed muscle recovery, and support muscle development. This kit is designed for runners, weight lifters, cross trainers, and athletes of all shapes and sizes, male or female. For athletes who are looking to get the edge in nutrition, muscle building and recovery, look no further. ATP Octane and Amino Recover are the perfect pre- and post-workout products to amplify your results and get you the body you're working so hard for.

If you are a male or female athlete looking to optimize your workouts, these are the workout formulas you need!

What is ATP Octane?
ATP Octane is the pre-workout formula in the Sports Performance Kit. ATP Octane is the energy drink of the future that plays a diverse role as a clean energy drink, pre-workout, and cognitive performance enhancer. Vitamins + electrolytes + amino acids + more energy = MAX RESULTS IN THE GYM!

ATP Octane is a delicious, revitalizing energy drink that is loaded with B vitamins, electrolytes, trace minerals, amino acids, herbs, and anti-oxidants that fuel your body’s energy production system. Not only does ATP Octane give you the necessary nutrients to actually be a energy producer, but also gives you technology-driven caffeine (PUREENERGY) blend that is absorbed slower and lasts longer than regular caffeine, which ultimately makes your energy last longer. Less caffeine, more efficiently used, offers more benefit to the body. ATP Octane relies on natural ingredients without any artificial stimulants or colors. There are no sugars used in this product as it is sweetened with stevia, which eliminates the sugar high and sugar crash. Furthermore, its great tasting flavor is provided using all natural ingredients.
  • Nutrient Driven Long Lasting Energy
  • Supports Electrolyte Replacement
  • Technologically Enhanced Caffeine
  • Mitochondrial Support For ATP Biosynthesis
  • Antioxidant Support To Fight Free Radicals & Inflammation
What is Amino Recover?
Amino Recover the post-workout formula in the Sports Performance Kit. Amino Recover is a breakthrough product designed to use amino acids for muscle recovery and protein synthesis. There has been nearly 20 years of research conducted to arrive us at this very specific combination of amino acids in the most effective anabolic ratios. This formula is uniquely designed to support strength gain, function, and prevent muscle loss as a result of aging. Amino Recover offers you the right ratios to offer you the best results that essential amino acids have to offer.

Faster recovery + Optimal Muscle Strength = BETTER RESULTS!

The Amino Recover is a must-have for building and maintaining strength. This amino acid formula has been studied by and developed by internationally recognized researchers in the field of muscle metabolism, anti-aging, and longevity. Seventeen years of research resulted in this particular blend of nine essential amino acids. This blend also includes but is not limited to branched chain amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine, valine, and arginine. They are proportioned in the most optimal ratios for muscle anabolism. Amino Recover is designed for both young and old who are seeking to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, quicken muscle recovery, and stimulate muscle strength and function.
  • Supports Muscular Strength and Optimal Functional
  • Supports Optimal Strength and Energy During the Workout
  • Offers Recovery Post Exercise
  • Supports Muscle Development In Both Young and Elderly
What is the Dr. Z Shaker Bottle?

This great product also includes a complimentary Dr. Z Shaker bottle. This awesome 17 oz shaker bottle just got EVEN better with its fillable lower compartment! The bottle’s extra compartment is perfect for carrying pills, powder, or even a snack! Our BPA- and leak-free shaker bottle also features a plastic mixing ball which will enhance your shaking experience.

*Products can be purchased separately.


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