99% of what you see on social media is fake

by Dr. Nick Zyrowski March 05, 2024

99% of what you see on social media is fake.

The glamorous lives of health influencers who just spend all day exercising and focusing on what they eat. They have perfect bodies, and perfect.... everything. You think to yourself.... "wow... I would love to live like this, but how do they find the time to take care of themselves like this?"

Many online "health influencers" are nothing more than someone who found healthcare as a good money making opportunity. So they read a few books and became an overnight expert.

The Influencers NEXT STEP: Spend all day taking pictures of yourself doing healthy things, GYM, FOOD, LUXURY LIFESTYLE.... Start a garbage supplement company with formulators who produce overpriced low quality products for influencers and now claim your supplements are changing the world.

The health influencer has no real world healthcare experience, they just have to make things look really pretty, regurgitate a few books, and ultimately convince you to buy their products.

Rinse and repeat.... that is the story of the online influencer.

I too look at these influencers and think.... wow... they really have it all together. I wish I could live like that.... I'm in healthcare and my life doesn't look anything like that? WTH!

I say all this to impress upon you that none of that is real. Here is what reality looks like for someone who is actually in healthcare....

It all started with eight and a half years in school with a family developing hundreds of thousands in debt. ( Are you jealous yet? )

I exercise at 5:30 in the morning because that is the only time of day I have. Its either 5:30am or nothing.

I work 11 hour days seeing patients.. Most days I do not take a break for lunch because I don't have time. Lunch break is for patient files, responding to texts, emails and catching up with staff. If I don't bring lunch, there is a good chance I don't get lunch, or I have some jerky, can of tuna, or something simple like that.

When I'm not seeing patients I'm either writing content, making videos, working with the 20+ people who report to me, tending to operating issues at NuVision Health Center, or taking care of family matters. All in all I work around 70 hours a week on average. Its been this way my entire career.

Most days when I go to the gym I'm tired....

Most days I barely have time to formulate a thought about what I might eat next.

There are many things I do in my career that I don't have to do... they don't serve me financially at all. The reason I do them is because they dramatically improve the health of people around the world and Im making the world a better place. The need for natural health is more important today than ever before. Modern healthcare has left people broken (physically and financially) and I believe in being the change I want to see in the world.

For the 1% of real people on the internet.... This is what it looks like. Its not pretty, its not glamorous, its not easy, but we do it because we care about helping people.

Don't get down on yourself when your life doesn't look like the online influencer. They are only showing you a glimpse of their life, and in most cases their lifestyle that you are privy to is wildly unrealistic and fake.

Stay Healthy!

Dr. Z

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Dr. Nick Zyrowski
Dr. Nick Zyrowski

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