How to Decrease Inflammation in Your Body

by Patti Croft February 15, 2022

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of so many ailments today. The more inflammation you have, the greater your chances are of having pain. It can also cause heart disease, cancer, or autoimmune diseases. Most health conditions people face can get linked back to inflammation.

Since we know how dangerous inflammation is, we need some ways to decrease it. We want to know how we can live healthier and increase our longevity. Many people may not know what it means to live in a constant inflammatory state and how they can reverse it. Let’s look at inflammation and some ways you can decrease inflammation in your body so that you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling your best.

Eat a Healthy Diet

We already know that diet is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Some of us don’t realize that a poor diet can drive up inflammation. Think about what you’re eating most days. If it’s a habit to frequent the local fast-food establishment, that could be part of the problem. So many people eat a diet filled with sugar and processed foods. These are high in unhealthy carbohydrates and loaded with dangerous oils and chemicals. These oils are hydrogenated and will keep your body inflamed. When you change what you eat, you can change how you feel. Sometimes we may visit our doctors when what need is not another prescription but a better way of eating. Eating more nutrient-dense foods and getting those veggies in can make a dramatic difference in your wellness. Skip the fake foods and opt for whole foods that can fuel your body for hours.

Check Food Sensitivities

If you don’t have food allergies you may think you aren’t sensitive to any foods, but that isn’t always the case. You can eat healthy foods and your body may not like them. When you have food sensitivities, it can drive up inflammation in the body. Your body will let you know in small ways. You may experience brain fog or stomach discomfort. If you find out that you have any food sensitivities, it is best to remove those from your diet to decrease that inflammation. You can also work on improving your gut health to help improve your health from within while lowering the inflammation.

Turmeric and Inflammation Reduction

Studies have found that curcumin can decrease inflammation in the body. Turmeric contains curcuminoids, so adding it to your diet or supplement routine can help drive down that inflammation. Ancient civilizations have used turmeric for centuries because of its medicinal properties. It can get added to meals to reap more health benefits, but if the body is already in an inflamed state, you will need large doses to see the best results.

You can get it in a liquid form that is easily absorbed by the body. Many people who suffer from chronic inflammation can’t absorb certain supplements well. Getting this in a potent liquid form makes it easy to get the amount you need.

Resveratrol for Inflammation

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce inflammation in your body. It supports the immune system and has shown to have anti-aging properties also. Resveratrol is in things like grape and blueberry skin. Eating berries is a healthy addition to your diet, but you would have to consume a ton of berries to get as much resveratrol as you can get in a supplement. When you take it in supplement form, you want to get a bioavailable product with a high resveratrol content. Always check the labels because if your body is inflamed, you need to get it calmed down as soon as possible. Resveratrol will help you do that, and many people take it in combination with turmeric to work synergistically.

Reduce Stress

We all know that an abundance of stress is not healthy for us. It is okay to have a certain amount of stress because it keeps us motivated. We get ambitious or have the drive to succeed in different areas of our lives. The problem is that many of us live with an over-abundance of stress. We have busy lives, demanding jobs, kids, pets, and a whole host of other responsibilities. Living in constant stress and anxiety can cause all kinds of health problems. The other thing to consider is that many people have tremendous amounts of stress stemming from their physical conditions.

Finding ways to alleviate some of the stress in your life will help you decrease inflammation in your body. You can do that in multiple ways, so find what works best for you. Some people meditate or take a few minutes of quiet time before starting their days. Others may listen to music or use specific supplements that help them feel a bit calmer. You can work on the stressors you have to begin to reduce your inflammation today. If your body gets stressed from certain foods, consider the tip above regarding your diet.

Remove Toxic Chemicals

When we talk about toxic chemicals, many people don’t know they have a ton of these in their homes. We use all kinds of cleaners, and many of these get filled with harmful chemicals that cause us to have more inflammation.

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The other place you will find a lot of chemicals is in your skin regimen or your beauty routine. Think about the soaps and lotions you use. For women, many use makeup that contains a ton of chemicals. Most of us don’t realize how many products we use every day that are loaded with toxic chemicals.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options available today for natural products. Many people have switched to vinegar added to some warm water to clean different areas in their homes. A quick internet search can show you dozens of natural products you can use for cleaning. You can also find beauty products and soaps made from natural sources. These contain no harsh or toxic chemicals.

Removing these toxic chemicals from your lifestyle is certainly step 1, but it does not solve the whole problem. These toxins bioaccumulate in your cells, organs, and tissues (even your brain). In order to remove toxic chemicals from our cells and body, it is important to do a deep cellular detox. We recommend this cellular detox protocol.

Lower Alcohol Consumption

Some people like to have a glass of wine with their meals occasionally. That’s not a big deal, but when you consume alcohol every day, it can cause severe inflammation in your body. Many people who drink to excess have a lot of extra weight they carry around. Much of this is inflammation, and when they stop drinking, they lose the added weight. If you drink to try and relax, consider a more natural approach. Many people who want to unwind before bed can take some magnesium and find that they sleep better and feel more refreshed the next day. Proper magnesium levels also support calmness and can decrease insomnia.

Limit Prescription Medicines

Some people are on multiple prescription medications. Sometimes one medicine causes other problems, so they must take a different one to fix that issue. It becomes a vicious cycle. Some doctors may not tell their patients that prescription pharmaceuticals can cause inflammation. Some of them may not even know. When possible, you should limit the number of prescription drugs you take.

Your kidneys and liver are fundamental for the detox process. Many drugs are harmful to these organs and wear them down over time. When that happens, it is easy for the body to become inflamed because it cannot properly remove the toxins. When you need a medication, make sure you ask your doctor about the side effects and form a plan to wean off it when you can. In many instances, you can take natural supplements that work just as well and help with pain and inflammation.

Get Started Today

If it seems overwhelming to think of all the ways inflammation can wreak havoc on the body, it’s comforting to know that you can take small steps toward improving your health right now. Decreasing the inflammation in your body may take time, but there are many things you can do to reduce it. Natural methods are often more affordable and won’t contain any toxic chemicals you don’t want.

The sooner you decrease the inflammation in your body, the better you will feel. You will also reduce the chances of experiencing debilitating diseases that inflammation can bring. People who live with chronic inflammation are often amazed at how good they feel after a few changes. When you clean up these lifestyle areas, you can get to the root cause of many health problems and reverse them.

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Patti Croft
Patti Croft

Patti Croft is a Certified Health Data Analyst with a thirst for all things natural and holistic. Coupled with her MBA, Patti uses her skill set here at NuVision Health Center to dive into the research. Her expertise is in taking complex medical data and delivering it in a way that readers can understand and implement into their lives.