Healing After COVID and COVID Vaccines

by Dr. Nick Zyrowski March 13, 2022

By now, many of us have had COVID, or we have had the vaccines. Some of us have had both! You may think you have healed, but there can be some underlying effects still lingering around.

There can be vaccination damage that many have never heard about or been told about by people giving the vaccines. Most medical doctors don’t discuss any vaccine ramifications with us. Also, after we get sick, we get instructed to drink some fluids and rest. The chances are that we don’t get told how to detox after going through an illness.

Toxins can build up in our bodies and cause some real cumulative issues. Knowing how to recover post COVID and after getting vaccinated is crucial. Detoxification is a natural way to flush toxins out of your body. Keep reading to learn more about how you can recover and heal any leftover issues you may be facing after the virus or vaccine.

What Is Detoxification?

You hear all kinds of information about detoxes from commercials and health gurus promising a magic foot bath or gel that will detox the body. If only it were that simple.

Detoxification includes getting to the root problem of chemicals present in the body. That means it gets to the cells inside the body. A true cellular detox improves the body’s ability to heal. It can also prevent inflammation. Having inflammation is a crucial component of viruses and vaccine effects, making it imperative to do a detox post-infection.

Heavy metals are some of the most toxic chemicals found in our bodies. We get exposed to them all the time. One of the ways we get heavy metals in our bodies is by receiving vaccinations. Many vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, arsenic, and lead to name a few.

The cellular detoxification process uses three phases to heal the cells in your body and decrease cellular inflammation. After completing the protocol, you will have removed many dangerous toxins from your body.

Vaccine Toxicity

Have you ever thought about what is inside the vaccine you get? With covid, we got not one but two vaccines within weeks of each other. Now we have been told that many of us need boosters. That means another vaccine. We have gotten led to believe that vaccines are harmless and warranted to protect us against certain illnesses. What we do not get told is what ingredients are in those vaccines.

As much as our society has evolved, some medical practices have not changed. Many vaccines still contain mercury, aluminum, and carcinogens that can cause cancer.

Let’s look at how vaccines get designed to work. They are created to influence our immune systems. The idea is for the vaccination to ignite an immune response. They get filled with preservatives designed to kill or stall the growth of microorganisms.

Toxins can move around in our bodies. That can cause damage to our immune systems, which is known as a vaccine injury. The cumulative injuries can happen when our new vaccines mingle with our past vaccines and create more toxins for our bodies to handle. Many of us have all kinds of toxic metals in our systems and don’t realize how bad it makes us feel.

Vaccines and Immune Issues

As toxic vaccine ingredients remain in our bodies, we can become sicker. These pathogens that stimulate an immune response also damage and destroy tissues.

Many people have allergic reactions to the ingredients in vaccines. Some of these could be serious and require medical attention.

Vitamins and minerals can get depleted after a vaccine, which will cause an imbalance in the body. That means you could have a weakened endocrine system, which will lead to brain issues and hormonal dysfunction.

Some people go through chronic fatigue problems after a vaccine. In worse cases, they may develop autoimmune issues. The body then lives in a constant state of inflammation.

COVID-19 and Spike Proteins

You should know that if you have had COVID-19, you could have dangerous spike proteins in your body. These proteins circulate and cause damage to organs, cells, and tissues. Spike proteins bind to your cells and give the virus the ability to release the material to infect them.

If you think you do not need to be concerned about spike proteins, you may want to reconsider. It can open the blood-brain barrier and cause cytotoxicity or brain damage. The spike protein can also cause vascular damage and inflammation.

Some of the most incredible detox essentials are items you may have at home now. You can use NAC, quercetin, curcumin, zinc, milk thistle, and magnesium to help rid your body of spike proteins.

One of the top spike protein detox supplements you can use is vitamin D. Now, that supplement may not be a surprise because functional medicine doctors have been talking about the importance of vitamin D since the virus began. Many people admitted into the hospital with COVID also had low vitamin D levels.

The Role of a Healthy Diet

You already know that a healthy diet is crucial for wellness. It is also a critical part of detoxification. You should try a healing diet that eliminates all grains and processed sugar. Sugar is one of the most inflammatory substances you can put in your body. When you eat healing foods, your body will become less inflamed.

  • Berries are low on the glycemic index scale and are full of minerals and vitamins. They also boost your immunity.
  • Fatty fish lowers a C-Reactive protein level. Those levels show how much inflammation you have in your body. It also supports brain function and will help to decrease inflammation. You can eat salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring, and anchovies.
  • Olive oil has lots of antioxidants and is rich in good fats. It has anti-inflammatory benefits as well. You can use it as a base for a salad dressing or drizzle it over roasted veggies and meats.
  • Avocados are chock full of minerals and healthy fats. They taste great with a little bit of sea salt and need no preparation.
  • Ginger decreases pain and has anti-oxidative properties. You can grate it onto different dishes and add it to tea. You can also use it in supplement form.
  • Turmeric is anti-inflammatory but can be hard to consume enough of in foods. You can add some black pepper to make it more bioavailable or take a turmeric supplement.

There are tons of ways to use diet to your advantage for detoxification. Cooking at home is a fantastic way to incorporate healthy foods to lower inflammation in your body and help you heal. Many other foods have natural healing properties, and it can be fun to try different dishes that you know will benefit your health.

Cellular Detox

To properly get rid of the toxins in your body, you need a true cellular detox. As mentioned, this is a three-part process. It will not only detox the organs, but it will also cleanse the brain and cells. The three phases will heal your cells and decrease cellular inflammation.

The first phase is a prep phase. This is where the downstream pathways get prepared for safe toxin elimination. You will get high-potency probiotics to balance and heal the gut. You will also get support for the liver, kidneys, and GI tract. After phase one, you will be ready for effective toxin removal.

The second phase is the body phase. During this phase, you will cleanse the liver and enter the first level and intracellular cleaning. This phase supports normal mitochondria function for peak cellular energy and reinforces the methylation processes. It will also help prepare the body for the purification of the brain.

The final phase of the cellular detox is the brain phase. This phase will be the nourishing and cleaning phase of the brain. Neurotoxins will get eliminated while you get neuronal antioxidant support. It also helps support normal brain function.

The cellular detox process lasts for ninety days. Each phase is thirty days of supplementation that focuses on specific detoxification. As you go through the 90-day cellular detox, you will get a deep cleanse while pushing unwanted toxins from your body. Your cell membranes will get restored, and inflammation will decrease.

Other Detox Therapies

There are some other things you can try to help heal your body from covid toxicity.

Healing Baths

Epsom salts can be a valuable resource for many things like sore muscles, aches, pains, and detoxing. Many people use Epsom salts in baths to help pull toxins from their bodies.

Clay baths are another great option that most of us never think of for detox. These baths pull toxins inside the clay molecules. You can get powdered clay that you add to your bath online if you don’t have a local source.

Hot & Cold Therapy

More people have started using infrared heat and cold therapy to remove toxins and increase energy. These therapies can get used in conjunction with each other or one at a time. Heat therapy can improve cellular functioning and promote healing. Cold therapy has gained more attention recently because of the pain management benefits. It also works to remove toxins from muscles and the skin. You can start by taking a cold shower for a few minutes and building up your tolerance. Some people take ice baths and submerge their entire bodies in the cold water. It may take some time to get used to the icy temperatures, but it can make you feel much better.

Fix Your Health After COVID

Whether you have had COVID or gotten the COVID vaccine, you can take steps to improve your health. Many people suffer from symptoms long after they have had the actual virus. If you have had either of these, you should consider a cellular detox.

You never want to take chances with your health, and the counter effects of the vaccine and virus are real. Toxin accumulation can destroy your health. The best thing you can do is fix your health now, so you can live the fulfilling lifestyle you want.

Using natural protocols and processes will give you the tools to flush all those toxins out of your body. A true cellular detox and a healthy diet will give you the ability to truly recover and thrive! 

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Dr. Nick Zyrowski
Dr. Nick Zyrowski