Thera360 Infrared Portable Sauna

Therasage Portable Infrared Sauna is perfect for small spaces, small budgets, or for those who travel often. Experience all of the healing benefits of Infrared Saunas with this compact, portable infrared sauna.

The Thera360TM featuringTheraFusionTM InfraRed Technology has completely revolutionized personal health products with its patented Infrared Portable Sauna. It features exclusive Natural Earth Element Infrared heating panels with natural Tourmaline gem stones to generate an abundance of negative ions and bath your body from every angel in gentle full spectrum Infrared frequencies and negative ions. Therasage 360’s revolutionary Advanced Earthing Technology (AET) further enhances the healing experience by capturing the charge of the Earth to help balance the delicate polarity of the body and improve cellular communication. Our unique method to shield harmful EMF’s allows the body to absorb the maximum healing benefits of our Thera360 InfraRed sauna. The Thera360 professional portable InfraRed Sauna is energy efficient, easily folds and stores in a closet or under a bed. InfraRed Sauna’s are considered the best natural detoxification device.

  • Detoxify
  • Emulsify cellulite
  • Increase circulation
  • Relieve pain
  • Burn calories
  • Better sleep Promote overall health and wellness
  • Affordable, effective Therasage360 InfraRed Sauna
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