Systemic FormulasChinese 5 Elements Metal Sedate - Ventilate The Lungs

Systemic Formulas: Chinese 5 Elements Metal Sedate- Ventilate The Lungs  is designed as a support for the respiratory system. It supports peaceful breathing, lung and respiratory functions for overall health. In traditional Chinese Medicine terms Metal Sedate helps clear and calm the throat.

Systemic Formulas Chinese 5 Elements Metal Sedate - Ventilate The Lungs The Metal Element is respiring and eliminative like the lungs. We derive a form of Qi from the air we breathe in a natural rhythm of intake and outflow. In this element is the introduction of new things into our lives and the letting go of the past. Like minerals in the body, the metal element makes bonds, maintains them, and then breaks them. This formula is helpful for the respiratory system. It promotes peaceful breathing, lung and respiratory functions for overall health. Metal Sedate helps clear and calm the throat, coughing, and allergies. Like breathing, the metal element is involved with what we take in and let go of in life. The lung and large intestines are the organs related to Metal. The lungs bring in oxygen to nourish the blood and eliminate toxins in the form of carbon dioxide. Supports taste, smell, and speech. The large intestine absorbs nutrients, and eliminates waste. Excess metal causes loud cough, wheezing, excess sputum, loud breathing, yellow urine, and constipation.

Systemic Formulas: Chinese 5 Elements Metal Sedate- Ventilate The Lungs Indications:

  • Lung concerns
  • Allergies, Hay Fever
  • People with fear of losing control, must control others, ritualistic, dogmatic.
  • Asthma
  • Coughs
  • Chest pains
  • Sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal discharges

Systemic Formulas: Chinese 5 Elements Metal Sedate- Ventilate The Lungs Ingredients: 

  • Peach (Bark) – blood cleanser, eliminates toxic build up, strengthening to the nervous system and a mild sedative. Helps with coughs.
  • Bupleurum Root – immunostimulant, tonic, hepatic, antiviral, antitussive, anti-inflammatory, especially helps with lung inflammations.
  • Coltsfoot – soothing expectorant action gives it a role in most respiratory conditions, including the chronic stages of emphysema. It contains a substance (mucilage) that may smooth the respiratory tract.
  • Licorice Root – contains a number of healthy compounds such as flavonoids, volatile oils, plant sterols, coumarins, glycosides, asparagine, chalcones, glycyrrhizic acid and anethole. Boosts lung health.
  • Apricot (Seed) – high vitamin B17 concentration to maintain the general health and well-being. Hence, it will strengthen the ability to resist infections like colds and flu.
  • RNA/DNA Lung and Thymus – cellular identity factors to support the tissue integrity fo the Lungs and Thymus gland.
  • Fritillaria – historically used for bronchitis and to sooth respiratory inflammations. • Bamboo (Resin) – known to restore elasticity to lung tissue and the upper respiratory tract, improving the function of the lymph system, supporting the urinary tract, reducing inflammation in the intestinal tract and preventing hemorrhoids.
  • Schisandra – a general tonic herb that support the entire body, including the skin. Anti-aging, cleansing, lung and brain supportive, immune booster, improves sexual health, increases stamina, supports cardiovascular health, and relieves stress.
  • Ophiopogon – soothes dry skin and lungs, helps overcome upper respiratory infections, relieves phlegm in the nose and throat, helps with eczema.
  • Brigham Tea (Leaves) – stimulates respiration, increases the depth of respiration.
  • Mulberry (Root Bark) – used as an expectorant, anti-tussive to clear lung inflammation and asthma associated with anasarca (a buildup of fluid causing edema) and as an aid in inducing diereses (aids in urine production), which helps with oliguria (decreased production of urine). It also is used for kidney and liver protection, and as an analgesic agent. 

Count: 60 Capsules per eco bottle 

Recommended Usage: 1-3 caps, up to twice a day Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.