Systemic Formulas Chinese 5 Element: Wood Sedate - Mediate Harmony

Systemic Formulas Chinese 5 Element: Wood Sedate - Mediate Harmony  exercises some controls over the flow of Qi and thus governs the balance between creativity and self expression and the need to support and live in harmony with other people. This formula supports the health of the liver, blood, spleen and digestion. The Chinese refer to the liver as “the general of the body’s Qi” and like a general, the Wood element and liver must orchestrate the advancement of the body’s functions. May be useful when dealing with headaches, joint, throat & gum issues, bad breath, fungus issues, and varicose veins indicate the need for this formula. Emotionally this formula is helpful when is the time of decisions: knowing whether to retreat or go forward; and helps with anger and frustration. In Chinese Medicine it is said that this formula is helpful to cool the blood; sedate liver yang rising; calm the liver and extinguish wind; harmonize the liver and spleen; course the liver and harmonize the stomach. The liver governs the free flow of Qi, stores the blood and governs the sinews (tendons). The modern world imposes a lot of demands, stresses, and emotional upheaval, which affect the free flow of Qi and balance the emotional states that typically accompany Wood Excess

Systemic Formulas Chinese 5 Element: Wood Sedate - Mediate Harmony Benefits:

  • Type “A” Personality: Aggressive, Impatient, Obstinate, Reckless, Workaholic
  • Pre-Menstrual Pain, Distension / Irregular Menses / Menopause
  • Glaucoma
  • Headaches, Temporal; Migraines
  • Trans-Ischemic Attacks
  • Nervous Disorders – Jerking, Twitching; Parkinson’s

Systemic Formulas Chinese 5 Element: Wood Sedate - Mediate Harmony Ingredients:

  • Arisaematis – opens heart orifices, restores consciousness. Moves Blood, disperses nodules, calms pain, promotes delivery, etc. by enhancing the functions of heart, liver and spleen channels.
  • Citrus Aurantium – help diminish several digestive nausea and indigestion. Aleviates bloating and constipation. It may also help to ease stomach and abdominal pain.
  • Yellow Dock Herb – used to help alleviate stomach acid, heartburn and indigestion, a bitter herb thought to stimulate the digestive function, helping to increase both digestive enzymes and stomach acid. Supports the liver.
  • Goldenseal Root –  cleans the blood, while its antimicrobial (berberine) and astringent properties soothe and protect the mucous membranes. Because of its bitter properties, goldenseal benefits the digestive tract and may ease the effects of indigestion. Berberine highly effective in up regulation of liver LDLR expression in HepG2 cells and in reducing plasma cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-c).
  • Angelica Root – promotes digestion, eliminate bloating and relieve cramps. In addition, nervous stomach complaints respond very well to it. Furthermore, angelica tea can stimulate the functions of the gallbladder, the liver and the pancreas. Increases stamina.
  • Bupleurum Root – has a positive effect on the organs as well as the energy levels in the body. This root has been used as a liver tonic. It also helps in toning the spleen and stomach.
  • Mountain Mahogany – flavonoids in mahogany seed directly aid in improving circulation, while the saponins are good for heart health. This combination of nutrients in the mahogany seed make it a good natural treatment to encourage good heart health and better circulation. Cleanser.
  • Boldo de Chile – ability to stimulate the production of bile, contains numerous phytochemicals including boldine, camphor, limonene, beta-pinene and coumarin. Stimulates liver cleansing.
  • Sweetgum (Fruit) – used to promote blood flow. Supports kidneys, bladder, and urination.

Count60 Capsules 

Recommended Dosage:  1-3 capsules, up to twice a day.

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