Systemic Formulas APHA - pH Control

 Systemic Formulas APHA - pH Control supports a healthful pH value and healthful “ebb and flow” of pH cycles via kidney pH regulatory faculties; it supports and helps adjust acid/alkaline levels in the body to a healthy state.

The body’s acid/alkaline cycles, swing like the ocean tides, twice a day. Both the acid and alkaline swings are important to overall health. The ebb and flow of pH allows for the cellular chemical reactions to have changes in electrical potentials and enzyme activity. Traditionally, people support pH by eating certain foods or taking mineral supplements when their pH is too acid or too alkaline; exercise; or support the pH regulatory organs: lungs, adrenals, kidneys, etc.

Systemic Formula APHA - pH Control Indications:

  • Overly acidic pH swings (with Ga, CLR, AO)
  • Overly alkaline swings (with PRO and Ks)
  • pH is a factor in cellular processes
  • Sluggish intestinal motility (with C)

Systemic Formula APHA - pH Control Ingredients:

  • Calcium – The body uses calcium to activate blood clotting and for proper immune system function, as well as to maintain proper pH levels. A mineral that the body “borrows” to maintain proper blood pH.
  •  Potassium – Supports fluid and electrolyte balance throughout the body. Supports brain function (potassium channels provide energy), supports glucose metabolism, bone health, proper blood pressure, assists kidneys in removing wastes.
  • Rhubarb – An alkalizing food, contains lutein, Vitamin K, and antioxidants (incl. lycopene). A bowel tonic and cleanser. Provides vitamins, K, C, A, and B complexes. Helps regulate intestinal health.
  • Spearmint – An alkalizing, purifying herb supportive of normal digestive health.
  • Nettle – An alkalizing herb with properties to support normal cytokine TNF-alpha processes and normal kidney function. Helps balance the normal histamine reactive immune processes.
  • Kelp – Considered a highly alkaline food, supportive of the body’s normal pH regulatory processes. Provides a multitude of minerals and trace minerals necessary for proper cellular metabolic activities.
  • Hyssop – An alkalizing, purifying herb with a reputation that it supports normal lung processes. Cited to assist the normal purification processes involving acidic waste products.
  • Shave Grass – A valuable, alkalizing reed cited to support the kidneys’ normal diuretic processes to help flush out unwanted acidic metabolic wastes. A source for the critically important trace mineral, silica, necessary for cartilage and tissue flexibility. Helps with the normal removal of kidney calculi processes processes.


  • No Gluten
  • No GMO
  • No Dairy
  • No Sugar
  • No Egg



• Capsules: 60 capsules/eco-bottle.

• Concentrated Extract: ½ oz glass bottle with dropper.


Recommended Dosage: 

  • 1-2 capsules, twice per day, for 1-3 months (often before bed), or as directed.  


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