Systemic Formula OXOX - Activator Cell

Systemic Formula OXOX -  Activator Cell From Moki Indian Tradition, the components of this formula are known as “when all else fails” making OXOX a go-to formula for resistant, lingering, and chronic conditions. OXOX activates cleansing of deep tissue infections; it provides lymphatic drainage, anti-infective properties, and broad based cleansing of blood and lymph. It is based upon the Moki American Indian herbal cleansing tradition.

Systemic Formula OXOX -  Activator Cell  Indications:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Anti-bacterial, chronic bacterial involvement
  • Chronic respiratory infection concerns
  • Pathogenic basis of arthritis 

Systemic Formula OXOX -  Activator Cell Ingredients:

  • Fenugreek Seed anti-infective, blood purifier, livercleanser. Thins mucous. Helps regulate glucose and cholesterol. Fenugreek helps to reduce some powerfulinflammatory markers called tumor necrosis factor(TNF)andNF-kappabeta.
  • Cyani Petals from the Plains Indian tribes, a first aidbotanical used to help heal ulcerations, viral lesions, snakebites, and every kind of infection.
  • Pulsatilla- Helps soothe nervous tension. Tonic for overused nerves and stress. Helps restore frayed, overused nerves. Often used for nervous exhaustion. Stimulates the immune system to address pathogens.
  • Mandrake Root antispasmotic, anti-inflammatory,activates cellular repair and rebuilding mechanisms. A nervine.
  • Golden Seal a premier anti-infective, anti-bacterial, that inactivates bacterial quorum sensing and reproduction. A powerfully antimicrobial, antiseptic herb shown to be effective against staph, strept, chlamydia, E. coli, salmonella, entamoeba histolytica and many other pathogens. It’s berberine molecules are shown to lower LDL cholesterol and improve heart function.
  • Barberry contains berberine, an anti-inflammatory,blood pressure-lowering and relaxant. Berberine helps with seizure control and has the ability to kill bacteria and parasites. Helps optimize immune function. Adetoxifier and liver stimulant.
  • Bugleweed impacts cellular metabolic processes viainfluence on thyroid hormones.
  • Myrrh Gum historic use for respiratory infections, stimulates white blood cell production and activates immune activity. Antimicrobial properties.


  • Capsules: 60 capsules/eco-bottle.

Recommended Dosage:

  • Capsules:1-2 capsules up to three times a day, for 1-4 months.

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