LMNT Recharge Electrolyte Drink Mix

LMNT Recharge is tasty electrolyte drink mix that is formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte needs and is perfectly suited to folks following exercise, low-carb, or fasting protocols.

Each stick pack contains 1000mg sodium, 200mg potassium, and 60mg of magnesium to support lifestyles and conditions that require electrolyte supplementation.

LMNT contains no sugar, no coloring, no artificial ingredients, no gluten, and no iodine.


  • Maintains Healthy Cellular Function
  • Maintains Healthy Electrolyte Balance
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health and Hormonal Health
  • Supports Healthy Muscle Function and Nerve Impulse Conduction
  • Replaces Electrolytes Lost from Exercise, Low-Carb, and Fasting Protocols

Count: 30 servings

Suggested Use: Mix 1 stick pack with 16oz of water.

Ingredients: Salt (Sodium Chloride), Citric Acid, Magnesium Malate, Potassium Chloride, Natural Flavors, Stevia Leaf Extract.