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The Immune System Stabilizer

The thymus gland is often called the “immune system stabilizer’ and is the heart of the immune system because of its role in maintaining complimentary systems such as the macrophages and T-killer cells. This complex formula addresses nutritional support for normal immune system processes It seeds the spleen with T-cells and helps the body support immunological processes. Errantly considered “vestigial,” the thymus protects and serves throughout life. Cutting edge research is increasing the understanding and importance of the thymus’ role in overall optimal health.

This formula effectively strengthens the body's innate immune systems. It balances and rebuilds the Thymus, while strengthening weak muscles, tissues and bones.



  • Normal immune processes
  • Immune support recovery after acute challenges
  • Winterizing for normal cold and flu preparations
  • Thymus support • Normal weakness and muscular enervations
  • Support learned (acquired) immune memory
  •  Supports normal innate (instinctive) immune system
  • Cellular senescence programs


Key Components


  • RNA/DNA Thymus Factors - Supports normal thymus tissue integrity via organized amino acids, peptides, and nucleo-protein structures.
  •  RNA/DNA Spleen Factors - Supports normal spleen immunological processes and lymphatic filtration activities via tissue integrity via organized amino acids, peptides, and nucleo-protein structures.
  • Poke (Root) – A Native American herb employed in purification rituals. Scientific research confirms its support of normal cell purification processes and is currently researching its profound impact on overall normal, healthy cellular activities.
  • Goldenseal – Long heralded as an American botanical that supports normal immune function, it provides hydrastines and berberines that assist the body’s normal microbial relationships.
  • Pau D’Arco – A highly revered South American botanical bark. In the Amazon rain forests, the Pau D’Arco tree grows free of fungal attack on its bark demonstrating its innate protective properties.
  •  Zinc Aspartate – A trace mineral that is essential for immune function, helps T-cell function.
  • Thymol Iodine – Thymol is a phenol from the herb, thyme. Combined with iodine, it becomes a molecule supportive of normal immune processes.
  • Bitter Root – From the Native American herbal tradition, a botanical that supports normal blood purification processes.
  • Leptotaenia Oil – The world-renowned life saver pioneered by Dr. Ernst Krebs in 1918.
  • Gentian Root – Used by herbalists for over 2500 years, modern herbalists cite it as a liver tonic as well as support for normal kidney processes. In today’s immunology, the liver is recognized as an integral part of the human immune system network.


60 capsules/eco-bottle.

• Concentrated extract, CXGt (Thymus): 1/2 oz. glass bottle with dropper.


• 1-2 capsules, up to twice a day, for 1-4 months, or as directed.

• Concentrated extract, CXGt (Thymus): 4-5 drops, twice a day



Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.