Systemic Formulas Chinese 5 Element: General Sedate - Invigorate Vitality

Systemic Formulas Chinese 5 Element - General Sedate  is the ‘Great Energy Balancer’; it supports feelings of inner peace, confidence, patience, and calm; Some practitioners give this formula to practically every patient and consider it to be like a “multivitamin/mineral formula for the psyche.”

The two “general” formulas (Tonify and Sedate) are applicable when a large percentage of the body’s activities are over stimulated (Gen Sedate) or under functioning (Gen Tonify). This way, one formula supports all the elementals. These two formulascan be considered as master formulas.

In the Chinese herbal tradition, this combination supports the normal processes that relieve stagnation of nervous system,balances the general energy and emotional state of the body. Sedates and nourishes yin of the lungs, kidneys, spleen and liver for general health. It cleanses excess heat and heart fire. Any of the five elements can become depressed if Qi is obstructed or congested and the liver is intimately involved with the distribution of Qi circulation. This formula is the ‘Great Energy Balancer’; it promotes inner peace, confidence, patience, and calm.

Systemic Formulas Chinese 5 Element - General Sedate Indications:

  • Frustration 
  • General liver support
  • Noises in ears
  • Nervous tension
  • Normal head tensions
  • General vascular support

Systemic Formulas Chinese 5 Element - General Sedate Ingredients: 

• Canaigre Root (Southwestern “Ginseng”) –Energy tonic, supports normal stress levels, contains a number of unique compounds that support normal adrenal gland function.

• Lobelia Herb –Herbal expectorant support of normal lung processes that clear mucous from the respiratory tract; a respiratory tonic that supports normal lung and mucosa cell function.

• Cortex Eleutherococcus –Wu Jia Pi. Adaptogen. Exhibits cardiovascular, as well as mood- and energyenhancing effects via normal channels.

• Ligusticum –Chuanxiong. Chinese herbal tradition demonstrates ability to support normal liver function and protection from damage by chemicals via normal mechanisms. Supports natural immune functions. Contains alkaloids that have been shown in studies to inhibit TNF-alpha production and TNF-alpha-mediated NF-kappaB activation.

• Coptis Rhizome –Huang Lian. Aids in normal regulation of serotonergic and gastroenteric system functions. Contains berberine.

• Platycodon –Jie Geng. Contains immune supportive molecules that serve normal immune functions. Supports normal B Cell and macrophage activity.

• Licorice –Glycyrhizza Glabra. This famous herb serves the body’s normal relations with microbes, contains antioxidants, and supports normal mucous membrane processes.

• Hops Herb –Humulus lupulus. Well known to support the body’s normal relaxation and sleep processes. Antioxidant.

• Woodruff Herb –Asperula odorata. Used in the middle ages applied directly to cuts. Supports the normal stomach and gall bladder functions. Historically employed as a blood and nerve tonic.


  • No Gluten
  • No GMO
  • No Sugar
  • No Dairy 
  • No Egg

Count: 60 capsules per bottle

Dosage: Capsules: 1-3 Capsules, up to twice a day as directed  

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