Argentyn 23 Colloidal Silver


Available in a liquid and first aid gel


Throughout history for more than 2,400 years, silver has been used to improve human health. Silver vessels were used by ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Phoenicians to preserve drinking water.1 The father of medicine, Hippocrates, first described silver’s antimicrobial benefits, writing about its healing and anti-disease properties.2 Silver’s antimicrobial and wound healing properties were applied to battlefield medicine in the 1800s. Fine silver wires used for sutures contributed to faster healing, and silver nitrate was used to treat wound and skin ulcers. Silver was also used to treat infection during the Civil War, and in the 1880s, silver nitrate began to be used to prevent infections in the eyes of newborns.3

Today, silver is used in medical devices such as catheters and endotracheal tubing to prevent the spread of infections. Silver-based water purification systems are installed and used on the International Space Station.4 The health benefits of silver have been widely studied for thousands of years, and the effectiveness of its contemporary use for immune support* and topical healing applications has been significantly substantiated.5-7 


Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is composed of only 99.999% pure silver and purified water meeting USP-NF Standards for pharmaceutical-grade purified water. It is a unique mixture of the most active and effective species of silver – positively charged silver ions and particles of an unprecedented size as small as 0.8 nm (nanometers). With the smallest particles and highest charge ratio, it is the ultimate refinement of colloidal silver. Argentyn 23 is available in a 2 oz fine mist spray and a 4 oz twist top bottle. 

For best results, use as direct by your health care practitioner. Manufacturer directions are as follows:

  • Maintenance:  One teaspoon, hold under tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow. Once daily.
  • Immune-Building:* 3 times daily.
  • Long-Term Immune Support:* 5 times daily.
  • Short-Term Immune Support:* 7 times daily.


No other natural first aid gel has such a broad spectrum of applications. 


Other uses include management of symptoms related to:

  • Blisters
  • Bruises
  • Bug Bites & Stings
  • Diaper Rash
  • Eruptions from Eczema,
  • Acne, Boils or Shingles
  • Itching
  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Inflammation
  • & Redness
  • Skin Infection
  • Wounds
  • Rashes
  • Razor Burn
  • Scrapes
  • Sunburn
  • Ulcerations

For Best Results: Apply topically a liberal layer of the gel in order to allow for consistent, sustained delivery. Leave wet. Do not rub until dry. After absorption, reapply as often as needed to prolong its activity.


If silver is not positively charged, it is not bio-active. Particle size greatly impacts the efficacy of silver products because smaller silver particles supply more surface area and, therefore, have greater potential for releasing beneficial bio-active silver ions into the system during the short time the silver remains in the body.

Argentyn 23 has an unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nm (nanometers). This equates to >98% bioavailability and therefore extremely little waste as almost all of the silver is able to provide immune support* for the body. With the smallest particles and the highest ratio of positively charged silver ions and nanoclusters, Argentyn 23 Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is easily absorbed into and excreted from the body.

Higher concentrations of total silver with larger particles can lead to increased risks for toxicity. Like an hourglass filled with sand compared to an hourglass filled with some sand, but mostly can see that only the smallest particles make it through, demonstrating how only the smallest of silver particles are bioavailable to your body!


With Argentyn 23 Professional Formula, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality silver supplement for immune support* and homeopathic first aid gel available exclusively through healthcare professionals.


Purity. Consistency. Effectiveness. These are what you want and expect in your health products. Equipped with some of the world’s most advanced analytical equipment, the Aargentyn laboratory is designed for both the rigorous testing that every batch of finished product is subjected to before it is released to the public and the continuing exploration of the field of colloidal science, including the many health benefits of silver and other minerals. 

The laboratory’s primary purpose is to ensure the quality, purity, identity, composition and strength of our products. Since 1999, the laboratory has been used to conduct in-depth analyses on hundreds of competing brands from the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. The laboratory supports many scientific and R&D projects as well. Collectively, their team of scientists has decades of experience in the field of colloidal science, including in-house experts specialized in the field of metal nanoparticle characterization.

With a commitment to strict manufacturing standards, NSF International has certified our Quality System as fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), confirming the high operating standards through independent verification of our internal processes, procedures, and documentation.

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Can Argentyn 23 Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol cause Argyria?

No. Argentyn 23 cannot cause argyria when used as directed. Argyria can occur after a lifetime exposure to all forms of silver exceeding 10 grams for the average adult according to the World Health Organization.1 The most dramatic symptom of argyria is the skin becoming blue or bluish-gray colored. Argyria may be found as generalized argyria or local argyria. Argyrosis is the corresponding condition related to the eye. Other colloidal silvers may contain impurities increasing the risk of causing argyria. Products with high parts per million (ppm) concentrations should be avoided as those products greatly exceed the EPA daily Oral Reference Dose (RfD) for silver of 350 mcg (micrograms).†

Are other silver products with higher concentrations (higher ppm) more potent?

No. More is not always better. What makes one silver product more effective* than another is not its ppm, but rather its particle size, charge (positive charge = positive effect), form and purity. The smaller the particle, the more bioavailable it becomes, and the greater the surface area available for conversion to bio-active silver while within the body. Argentyn 23 Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol has an unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nm (nanometers).

Can long term use of Argentyn 23 Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol damage cells?

No. In order to exhibit long term damage, mammalian cells require silver exposures that are several orders of magnitude in excess of Argentyn 23 dosages.2, 3

Does Argentyn 23 Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol disrupt gut biodiversity?

No. A 2016 study by Wilding et al., from University of Michigan, demonstrates that silver does not alter gut microbiome diversity even at levels 2,000x the EPA daily Oral Reference Dose (RfD).4

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.