How to Get Rid of Bad Bacteria in the Gut

by Dr. Nick Zyrowski November 21, 2022

When you read our articles, you know how crucial the foundation of health is to your overall wellness. If you’re suffering from health problems and you can’t seem to shake them, it could be because your gut microbiome is in dysbiosis. That may look like a strange word, but we’re going to break everything down so you can start restoring your health and understand why getting rid of bad bacteria in the gut is a critical part of healing.

What is your microbiome?

Your gut is made up of trillions of microorganisms that coexist peacefully. Most of them are located in the large and small intestines, but are also found throughout your body. When you’re healthy, this microbiome is the environment that promotes smooth daily tasks inside your body.

You have a unique system of microbiota that gets determined by your DNA. You get exposed to different microorganisms as a baby. As you grow, environmental exposures and dietary changes can affect your microbiome and make it beneficial for your health or harmful to it. (1)

How bacteria works with the body

The bacteria in your gut can break down foods and synthesize different vitamins and amino acids. Essentially, your microbiome makes nutrients available to your body. The bacteria also helps neutralize toxins to keep you well and plays a crucial role in defending your body against infections from various pathogens. (2)

Good gut bacteria prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacterial pathogens. You have large families of good bacteria that work to protect you from all kinds of illnesses. Different microbes compete for nutrients in the gut, which is a primary area of your immune activity.

Dangers of bad bacteria

When your gut microbiome goes through dysbiosis, it can trigger an unhealthy environment in your body, leading to all kinds of health issues. Dysbiosis is the imbalance of microorganisms inside the body. It is often referred to as gastrointestinal dysbiosis. (3)

When your microbiome doesn’t have the proper balance of healthy bacteria, your gut can become overwhelmed with unhealthy microorganisms. This dysbiosis contributes to different immune-related conditions like:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Type 1 diabetes
  3. Ulcerative colitis
  4. Systemic lupus erythematosus
  5. Crohn’s disease
  6. Inflammatory bowel disease
  7. Eczema
  8. Anxiety
  9. Brain fog
  10. Depression
  11. Obesity
  12. Hormonal imbalances

As more studies come to light, we are learning the gut microbiome has all sorts of associations with our health. Getting rid of the unhealthy bacteria in your gut and fixing the microbiome balance can reverse many health problems you may be experiencing.

Causes of bacteria imbalance

Now that you know so many of your health conditions come from dysbiosis, you can learn why it happens in the first place. There are several reasons your gut bacteria can become imbalanced.

Antibiotic use

The purpose of antibiotics is to kill pathogens in the body. Doctors prescribe antibiotics when you’ve had an infection to help get you well. The problem is these medications also kill off the good bacteria that lives inside your gut, too. Exposure to antibiotics can lead to dysbiosis of your microbiome. It can also lead to less diversity, which means decreased protection. (4)


You probably know stress can affect you in multiple ways. When considering stress, the relevance of the gut-brain axis can’t be overlooked. When you undergo stressful conditions, it can affect your gut microbiota. If you’re constantly anxious or depressed, it could result in dysbiosis. (5)


There are inflammatory foods that can cause lots of stress on your gut microbiome. Processed foods and sugar are some of the worst offenders, and many foods have toxins that make you sick.

There are also healthy foods that may be causing you reactions, like pain and cramping. That could be a sign of food sensitivity. Those are foods your body doesn’t react well to and aren’t beneficial for health.

Environmental toxins

You may not realize how much you get exposed to on a daily basis, but items like beauty products and cleaning supplies have lots of chemicals that can be harmful. These toxins can cause destabilization of your gut microbiome.

Getting rid of the bad bacteria

When you want to get rid of the bad bacteria in your gut, you must make specific changes. Part of this process is putting in the right herbs and nutrients to support healthy gut flora that will give your body a reset.

You need a diverse microbial environment to stay healthy. Without the right combination and amounts of good bacteria in the gut, you’re more susceptible to illnesses and diseases.


One of the steps to getting rid of unhealthy bacteria is giving your gut an environment where it can thrive and have the good bacteria to fight off the bad bugs. Many people take probiotics they find at grocery stores that have been on the shelves for months or years. These are often filled with ingredients you don’t need and may contain dead strains of probiotics that won’t help you.

You want to get products that will facilitate recolonization of your microbiome. Once your gut is balanced, it can help support healthy immunological functions.

To get your microbiome back to a diverse environment, you must take a clinical strength formula that will provide all the necessary herbs and nutrients your gut needs. Our two-part system includes BYOCLEAR 1 and 2, which work together to support your microbiome. You’ll get a powerful combination of the right nutrients that work synergistically to help heal your gut issues. When you get the proper doses with the appropriate combinations of nutrients, you won’t need to take handfuls of different pills every day. These supplements are designed to uniquely target your intestinal environment and help regulate microbial diversity.

Once you support your gut flora with the proper herb complex, you can follow it up with prebiotics and probiotics for better results. When you purchase these products, be sure you’re getting quality supplements that will support your immune system. You also don’t want fillers and unhealthy ingredients like soy and sugar.

Changing your diet

You already know that eating processed foods can disrupt your health, but there may be healthy foods like certain vegetables and fruits that could also be affecting your gut. Keep a food journal and write down the foods that cause pain or discomfort. For some healthy foods, you may need to eliminate them for a few months while your gut heals.

Removing sugar from your diet could drastically improve your health. Bad bacteria need food for energy, and sugar can be broken down easily after eating to feed it. If you have a high-sugar diet, some of the sugar will move into your gut microbiome, giving bad bacteria more energy to survive. (6) Sugar is also highly inflammatory and can eliminate beneficial bacteria, leading to dysbiosis.

Reducing stress

Since stress drives inflammation, you want to remove as much of it from your life as possible. Implement stress reduction techniques to help find a healthy balance. We know getting rid of all the stress in your life may not be feasible, but some methods can help you decrease it to a more tolerable level. Consider things like meditation, exercise, and journaling. (7)

Give it time to heal

When you want to get rid of bad bacteria, it will take some time. Reversing your health issues won’t happen overnight, so be patient with the process and give your body a while to heal. The time it takes will be worth the positive results.

Improving takes work

Getting rid of the bad bacteria in your gut will take some effort on your part. If you have health issues, they happen over time, and getting well will take time, also. You’ll need to take the steps and put in the work to heal your gut so that you can feel better and have renewed health.

When you remove the bad bacteria in your gut, you can reverse many of the health issues that cause you to feel bad. You may have felt this way for so long, you think it’s normal, but it’s not. Being healthy and feeling incredible is possible. It won’t be an instant fix, but it’s crucial to start now so you can avoid health problems later. If you’ve tried the traditional methods of getting healthy, you may feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Functional medicine offers a different way of treating the whole body and gives you a foundation for healing. If you’ve used other methods, contact us today to learn how functional medicine could help you begin to restore your health and wellness.

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Dr. Nick Zyrowski
Dr. Nick Zyrowski

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