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Infrared Heat Therapy

Infrared heat therapy offers so many healing benefits and is simple to use. Infrared Heat Therapy is capable of altering cells, cell membranes, and DNA/proteins, which can all have a massive positive impact on the body with no known side effects. NuVision Health Center proudly offers Therasage Infrared Heat Therapy products, ranging from heating pads to full at-home sauna units. Depending on your needs, you can begin utilizing infrared heat therapy in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us with any questions.

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Therasage Infrared Heating Pad Small Therasage Infrared Heating Pad Medium Therasage Infrared Heating Pad Large
Infrared Heating Pad Small
Our Price: $185.00
Infrared Heating Pad Large
Our Price: $755.00
Dimensions: 14"x 20" Dimensions: 21" x 30" Dimensions: 24" x 70"
TherasageShoulder Infrared Heating Pad Therasage Infrared Portable Sauna Therasage Wooden Infrared Heat Home Sauna
Perfectly fits the shoulder, neck and upper back area. Perfect for small spaces or for those who travel often. At home wooden sauna units. Easy to install.  Comes in 2 or 3 person sizes.

Health Benefits of Infrared Heat Therapy
  • Skin Health & Acne
  • Anti-Aging
  • Detoxification
  • Increased Heart Function
  • Pain Relief
  • Improves Relaxation and Wellbeing
  • Weight Loss
  • Diabetic Symptoms
  • Blood Flow and Circulation
  • Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Poor Digestion
  • Congestive Heart Failure
For more details on how Infrared Heat Therapy and Infrared Saunas can be used to promote health and healing in your body, read this article written by our doctor, Dr. Nick Zyrowski.